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Matt is one of the few people who’s characters are so lifelike you could picture them sitting next to you while you write. He excels at plot making and character development, and is so genuinely kind and thoughtful that he causes anyone who rps with him to be a better writer in return. I hope that I’ll continue to be able to share my characters with him and explore their depths while helping contribute to Matt’s. <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - SleepyPlatypus22
Matthias Khan (played by Figimus)
Matthias is probably the sweetest character I've ever had a chance to RP with. He's kind, he's thoughtful and considerate, he's got an incredible amount of depth and personality. Matthias is played in a way that makes you care about him in unexpected ways. He brightens up any RP and is played in a realistic, believable way so that you want good things for the sweet little engineer. He'll make you smile, he'll make you laugh, and he'll definitely make you want to come back for more! - BrandyCat

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