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Hello! My name is Adam. I love almost any type of RP. I love doing MxM but I don't mind others. I prefer Sci-Fi and Fantasy RPs.

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This guy is really good at MxM rps,we are doing two right now and let me tell you,his rps are so entertaining and fun,that i can visualize what the characters are saying and doing,I highly suggest you rp with him if you haven't. - JetStorm
This guy here gets more kudos from me because he is so awesome to rp with,I love the rp we are doing right now and i constantly find myself checking for messages in my inbox.He is also very comedic with his replies,and he makes he laugh. There was this one scene where he said something funny and i rolled off my bed laughing. If you haven't rped with him yet,please do,you won't regret it. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - JetStorm

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