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If I'm online then you can pretty much guarantee I'm up for RP and likely starved of it thanks to my timezone (I live in the UK!), so feel free to whisper me or just go right a head and post at me! I have a terrible habit of just sitting around in hopes someone will come RP with me as I'm rubbish at sending the first whisper/requesting it myself. If you ask me if I want to RP the answer will always be "yes"! even when it's an hour or three past my bed time. Even when I'm actually sleeping my answer would still likely be "yes"!

I work*** 10hr shifts Tuesday, Thursday and Friday which means the night before I generally aim to go to bed between 3 and 4pm FST, however some Thursday nights you may not see me at all due to the 3hr time slot I have to get stuff done like eating and getting ready for the next work day before I go to bed! My posts can also be slightly slow depending on what time of day you catch me for RP due to a 4yr old and a baby demanding my attention. ***I'm actually on maternity leave as of November 2019 until September 2020!

I've played furcadia fairly constant since around 2002/2003 and pretty much stick to the Medieval Dragonlands-based dreams. You may have seen me and my alts over time lurking in such dreams as the Blackstone Continuity, Challiston Cross, Winding River, Leaky Mug, Greystone Tavern, Valewood and now also Etla Isle: Eileadora.

Or it's because I don't know how to start/keep a conversation going, but feel free to whisper/PM me any time~

And, as always, IC actions do not equal OOC.

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FishyFi is absolutely on my Recommendation list for those looking for a great time in RP. Over the years my characters have gotten to ruffle her alt's feathers and each interaction is just as unique as the last! Her posts are well written and she brings to the table exactly what she's given with ease, FishyFi is great! - Cosmonautilus
Silver Sapphira (played by FishyFi)
Love the amount of detail you put into her history - kitsunelobo

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