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This dude is just amazing! A 500 character text box cannot even describe how perfect this guy is. He’s such a good roleplayer, probably one of my favorite, by far, and his replies always make me excited. His replies are always really detailed, which I really enjoy, as well as, he always gives the option for your character to stop something before it happens, just in case. OOC, he’s such a sweetheart! He makes for a good conversationalist, and he’s amazingly considerate! Would recommend instantly Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Yori
I. Love. Roleplaying with this guy. I can really feel the inner conflicts with the characters he creates; they are so real.They are truly unique and he does well at describing them. He has alot of really nice ideas in his head that help make the rps really fun and interesting. I highly recommend roleplaying with him. I find myself always looking forward to his responses! - Kotomi657

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