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I've never really been sure what to write here but after nearly two years of leaving the bio blank I will finally put a little bit about myself! WIP and if I think of more I'll drop it in.

I've been on RPR for just under two years but have enjoyed roleplaying in a load of forms for much longer than that. I find the enjoyable stories and loveable characters people come up with to be incredibly fun and the writing practice I get from long form posts is just icing on the cake.

I don't currently have many filled out characters on this site but I will work on it! I have a few characters I've been working on but haven't gotten them up on RPR just yet; you can blame my laziness for that! All characters on here already are a messy work in progress so please bear with me on that one.

If we roleplay I will always try to respond as quick as possible but please give me a chance as life can get busy. I hopefully should never be more than a few days worst case scenario.

Rave Reviews

Thank you for showing such patience and consideration! It only makes me want to responde faster even if I am in a dump that's hard to get out of! I hope our story will blossom into something wonderful which I won't be suprised if it does thanks to your RP skills and your drive! Thank you my friend! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Aggy1231
This is my first Kudos. But I just had to do it. Fishymatt is a great person to rp with. His ability to keep building the story is awesome, it never gets boring! I'd definitely recommend rping with him. - FujoshiQueen00

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