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Notice: Now that school is out imma try and get my life together which includes getting a job, drivers permit, and doing summer school because I failed a class. So I won’t reply to a whole lot of stuff.


Why does nobody love me..... ;-;

If I cease to reply I’m not bailing. I’m thinking. Normally I’ll say I’m stuck but just in case I forget. Also, if you’re stuck as well let me know. Instead of just disappearing on me and maybe I can think something up.

LGBTQIA friendly. Am an Ace mah self.

Try to keep things 3 lines or more during roleplays.

Only thing I don’t do is smut. I guess fade to black is okay? Buuuuut nuuuu smut.

Am Ded
Brain failing to load

Why is it so hard to write? I’m in quarantine. I have all the time in the world to write my books, but no. I’m a crappy little procrastinator. WRITE THE DARN BOOK

Rave Reviews

A wonderful writer really love how they write everything so special and have everything planned. Roleplay with her yes! Do it! Do it now! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous
Fither is my all time favorite person to RP with lately.
Their style is the perfect mix of humor and seriousness, and they really outdo themselves with how much they put into the their RP's, it's like reading a book, I've never had a roleplay like this before - its crazy!
Fither has some mad talent :) Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - OllieBoyo

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