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Notice: Now that school is out imma try and get my life together which includes getting a job, drivers permit, and doing summer school because I failed a class. So I won’t reply to a whole lot of stuff.
I’VE GOT A JOB! So I’ll probs be busy most of the time Soz.


Why does nobody love me..... ;-;

If I cease to reply I’m not bailing. I’m thinking. Normally I’ll say I’m stuck but just in case I forget. Also, if you’re stuck as well let me know. Instead of just disappearing on me and maybe I can think something up.

LGBTQA+ friendly. Am an Ace mah self.

Try to keep things 3 lines or more during roleplays.

Only thing I don’t do is smut. I guess fade to black is okay? Buuuuut nuuuu smut.

Am Ded
Brain failing to load

Why is it so hard to write? I’m in quarantine. I have all the time in the world to write my books, but no. I’m a crappy little procrastinator. WRITE THE DARN BOOK

Rave Reviews

A wonderful writer really love how they write everything so special and have everything planned. Roleplay with her yes! Do it! Do it now! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous
*Loooong ass deep breath* BOI. Listen. This bean. This wonderful, magical bean that I already love so much. Much talent. Such awe. Many wonder. Ok, but serious time. Fither is such a creative, imaginative person to Rp with. I mean, the worlds this person can come up with are absolutely AMAZING. We've recently started our first Rp together, and I can confidently say that I think I've made one of my favorite Rp friends ever. I hope we Rp together for a long time. Great sense of humor Long posts - FandomsForDays

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