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"No matter how small and niche and insignificant something might seem, the very act of researching, or spending time with, or caring for it imbues it with meaning. To you, and to the people you share it with."

Previously Known As

Tangled Dork - FNAF Fan - Angst Idiot - Twisted Wonderland Nerd
Some Dumb Hargreeves - Part of Destiny's Children

I have other fandoms and favorite types of RP, you just gotta ask. :)


Welcome, Friend <3
Hey everyone!

Your alchemist friend is here, with Internet Troubles, but your friend is still here! You are all amazing and I hope to RP with y'all very soon :)

Blossom, Astro, Verse, Ren, Caleb, Tails, Taro, Rei, Soul, Ana, Paxton, Jence, Knight, Seven, Rezz, Sanne, Claine, Kim, Volt, Moth, Holly, Lambert, Garn, Drago, Mira

If I'm your friend (we have to have talked or roleplayed a lot) and you're missing from this list, don't hesitate to let me know, I'll add you here!
- Tangled
- Disney
- UA

Names you can call me:
Varian-Vee, Varian, Vee, V, Riddle-Ree, Riddle, Ree, Gregory-Gee, Gregory, Five, 5, Five-Vee

Nothing Left To Lose (TTS)
I've Got No Time (FNAF 4)
This Comes From Inside (FNAF SB)
Absolutely Beautiful (twst)
Break My Mind (FNAF 4)
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Private Messaging: OPEN
Group Invites: DEPENDS

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Rave Reviews

I've rp'ed with vee before using bennet and it was a blast! vee is kind, honest, and creative! if u want somene to rp with Vee is ur person! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - GU7TMUNCH3RZ
Varian is so cool. :) They were the first person I grew the courage to talk to on this website and they are super nice! It made me feel welcomed. They are a great roleplayer and it is super fun to roleplay with them! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - etherally

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