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Hello, I'm FlamingPsycho, but feel free to just call me Psycho or Axel!

I've been roleplaying since 2014, which, though not as long as some people, is still wicked long. When I have time, you can often find me drawing, reading, or writing. I enjoy dancing, especially jazz and Broadway styles and have just entered my third year of Colorguard for the BIGGEST LITTLE BAND IN ALL THE LAND! I love pets and have two Shiba Inus, a tortie with a 'tude, a guinea hen, and assorted chickens (yes, this includes silkies, AKA walking clouds). I live in the middle of nowhere, but that just means that I'm part of a super active Venture crew, as well as a Girl Scout troop operating as something just as high-adventure as the Crew. Currently, I'm working through the first of my final two years of schooling before going into college as a (hopeful) biomimetic major. Here's to hoping I can get into MIT :). Until then, I work at a camp maintained by the Salvation Army as one of their camp counselors. Anyways, I love making friends, so feel free to PM me for roleplay, or a chat, or a rant...or anything, really!

RP Information and Styles
♠️Semi-literate (3+ Lines)
♠️Mainly 1x1 RPs
♠️Quick To Respond
Do’s and Don’t’s
♠️YES: Horror, Action, Labs, Asylums, Penitentiaries, Monsters, Demons, Etc!
♠️NO: Smut, Romance-Centered RPs, Slice of Life

Fandoms I Will RP
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~Percy Jackson
~Harry Potter
~Five Nights At Freddys
~Tokyo Ghoul
~Attack On Titan
~My Hero Academia
~Vampire Knight
~Yuri! On Ice
~AICO: Incarnation
~Black Butler (especially BoC-esque)
~Kingdom Hearts


Rave Reviews

A fun, cool, and creative person! Very colorful ideas and detailed, easy-to-grasp stories written in nicely-sized posts. Very helpful and kind, generous with information about RPs and informative text-posts. You can often find them in the Welcome forum, saying hello to newbies and giving out helpful information left and right! An easygoing and cheerful player! With cool writing, to boot. Helpful Creative ideas - Shinyrainbowlithogra
As a long-time member of the RP community, I feel that I need to complement FlamingPsycho for being such a good RP partner. Their writing skills are very interesting and descriptive, and their characters are also quite creative and fun to roleplay with! Our current Roleplay is going strong and is quite enjoyable!

I'm always glad to roleplay with such a great user! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Ember_Wolf

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