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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!
  • Birthday: April 23


Hello! I'm FlamingPsycho, but you can feel free to merely call me Psycho!

I have been roleplaying since I was eleven, so, as you can most likely tell, I pride myself in my skill.

However, I have absolutely awful wrists and a bit of a busy schedule, so I prefer to roleplay in semi-lit, 3+ lines, in the dead of night...for me, at least!

Feel free to request to RP with me! I am especially fond of action-packed stuff, although I'm really not one for romance or roommates(unless its superheroXsupervillain)

I especially enjoy being on the dark side, though, so it's uncommon for me to be saving the day!


Rave Reviews

  • Psycho is wonderful. Normal I don’t like dark. But psycho play there character so well they can fit any game. Yet there personality the same. Very good at any Rp.
    -- Kungfu6453

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