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Hi all xD

I've realised that I am sending information on the way I tend to role play in PMs an awful lot... The realisation dawning on me that "Ohhh, THAT'S what the profile bio is good for!" haha, so here goes attempt number two. Hopefully my description is accurate as well as helpful, since I have been enjoying everything on RPR since recently signing up (I even roped my husband into joining in to do some art).


Very briefly about myself I studied animation and very happily work creating art content for a few different clients now. I am a volunteer for my country's Search and Rescue organisation which involves finding missing persons and fire fighting most often; which sometimes will take me away from replying immediately. A hobby of mine other than RP is Dungeons and Dragons which I've been playing since 2016 and I am one of those awful health-nut people, who work out and don't eat sugar- seriously the WORST xD hehe

Now for the important information: how I write when I take part in a role play here, on RPR; or any other medium where I can write with other folk.

I tend to write in the past tense. Always in third person, with fairly long replies, where I make my very best effort not to write anything even remotely close to metagaming.

My characters are very different from one another, I hope. The two traits they tend to have in common, is that they will have big glaring personality flaws, and oftentimes will be incredibly curious. Those two are because I am quite curious and people, in general, are all pretty flawed. xD

The settings I am interested are usually fantasy based in some form, whether it is medieval and involving knights or dragons, or modern day with a hint of magic or super powers :>

I enjoy RP the most when my partner will write more than a few words for me to try bouncing off of, enjoy in-character conflict very much since I believe it makes rp more interesting and fun and, honestly, I am a sucker for a good romance xD

I look forward to joining a bunch of rp that is hopefully long-running, fantasy based, interacting in and out of character with you dudes :> Thanks all! x)

If anyone feels like checking out some random doodles, I made a teeny little Art-Play group on RPR where we can RP through artwork, feel free to peep in there and see the art we're making: (a link) Check em out if you want

First role played on Anime League, in 2007
Joined RPR, in June, 2020

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