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☆ ~ Welcome to my profile page! ~ ☆

A little about my writing style. . .

☆ I write at least 3 paragraphs but mostly try to match my partners responses.

☆ I only rp with 18+

☆ I write in third person, usually past tense though I may have a slip up here or there.

☆ I try to reply daily.

☆ I do not tolerate godmodding or character deaths unless previously discussed.

☆ NSFW topics will be limited to 3 or less responses, or fade to black. I like story over smut.

☆ I am very open to discussing possible plots or lengthening a current rp with fresh ideas.

A little about me as a person. . .

I'm a 24 y/o who often switches pronouns so literally use * whatever * pronoun youre comfortable with or associate to me. I have a very crazy 2 y/o and a partner I've been happily married to for 2 years, and together for seven. Real life is hectic but I've been determined to focus on my writing skills and communication between rp partners but I do have autism so if I seem disconnected or rude at times I apologize in advance I do not mean it that way.

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