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I'm just me, I highly doubt there's anything interesting other than that. I am incredibly passionate about my characters, and I try to make them as interesting as possible without passing the Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu line.

I love Roleplaying, I draw, I write at times, and I perform in various reenactments. I love Rockabilly music, dress like a Greaser, and am relatively friendly, but very opinionated, and bull headed when it comes to them. (It's not one of my better qualities) I am also very intolerant of stress and drama. Very intolerant. It irritates me like no other, and I end up saying things I don't mean in the long run. However, I really, really do have a big heart, and usually find myself giving people and artists money that I need myself X3. I will be as nice as possible, even when I'm grumpy. (Hey, I'll even give you a warning!)

I'm Norse Pagan, German, and proud of my heritage, as anyone else should be.

I also really... really... REALLY Love Elvis...

And Jeff Bridges....


Contact Info:

AIM: foedussonofloki
Furcadia: Foedus, Jacob Holst, Holsecc, and others!


**Please note that if you decide to add my facebook, that it would be good to tell me where you're from.**

Rave Reviews

Amazing characters and descriptions. Words just flow off the page! He seems rather friendly even though we haven't yet spoken, I hope to soon! And even possibly roleplay! - Amirrora

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