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...but you can call me folksie if you want!

I'm Pen baybee
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Agender (they/them)
19 years old
9 years experience
Multi-Para Writer

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(n.) the realization that each random passerby is living
a life as vivid and complex as your own.


Reply Status

Slow, just busy, sorry!

Current Projects

- my mental health hehwq

Partner Requirements
- Multi-paragraph (at least capable of 3)

- Third-person, preferably not first-person, absolutely not second-person (you/your)

- Does not require me to have character profiles (I won't lol)

- Patient, excessive bumping and reminders can really throw me off bc I get really busy and have ADHD. Sometimes replying just takes a while.


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Writing Example
Third-person / Typically Past-Tense, sometimes Present-Tense/ Multi-Paragraph

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This is an excerpt from a reply that was originally five paragraphs long.
The door shut behind them. The breeze sighed from the shutting of the door extinguished the candle sconces once again and the door became a dark, shadowy figure behind them. A distant sound of thunder grumbled far away, predicting a truly broody night at the inn.

Erros looked over to the door as they approached and sighed. Really, those scones were new, it was just he and Borelyn weren't exactly born handyfolk. He hadn't accounted for how the big, heavy, gusty door would affect the scones and after a week just assuming it was that one, windy week, that dragon atta[*]ck, and half his work leaving to check on their families or… Well, simply no one hadn't had the time to fix it.

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About me!
Hi I'm Pen! I'm an agender enby living in the USA! I am 19 years old and am currently in college! I love people, linguistics, and, of course, writing! I have ADHD and have amblyopia in my right eye (a lazy eye, colloquially.) So, if you're not a fan of loud queers and noisy neurodivergents, I'm likely not your cup of tea as my ADHD and queer identity inherently affect how I experience the world and I embrace that wholly!

I've been roleplaying since I was around the age of 9, and I've been writing literally since I could pick up a pencil. I started roleplaying on Roblox, but nowadays I roleplay exclusively on RPR & Facebook! I'm proud of my writing and use roleplaying to both sharpen my writing skills and make friends! I'm a big world-builder, but bad at getting things finished in a timely manner. Sorry for the non-timely replies! In return, I try and give something nice.

☀ Favorite Songs ☽

I am apart of Team Puff! With my fish Quillton, so humbly gifted to me by the Upside-Down Magician Deity, we will save the world from the Great Fishcapade!

Find me on
Discord - Meja#1206
Messenger - Ask

Formerly Mejasoulfruit

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Rave Reviews

Ha this person is so fun and creative! They are so very fun to talk to! And also? An amazing and detailed writer. Like actually. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous
Meja is kind, and mindful with a big heart. I love the fact that they take time to welcome every single new member that joins the site. Their passion for writing and RP clearly shows in their profile and their characters. They've also got a great sense of humor! Kind and understanding Helpful - MissPixie

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