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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: October 30

Hiatus.. ~

*I tend to go by as Nyx or Nyxie online.
*I am 25 years old
*I have been role playing around 11+ years now
*I also am a writer although I don't think I's really good at it
*I am an Otaku
*My favorite animes include Gangsta, Deadman Wonderland, No. 6, Blood Lad, Tokyo Ghoul, Psycho Pass, Noragami, Bleach, Parasyte.
*I am also a gamer.
*Favorite video games include Final Fantasy XV, Destiny, Neverwinter, etc
*I love the color purple


GT: xEscapeUrFate

Kik: xambz17

Feel free to add me on any of these ^_^

~PM: 0
~Form: 0
~Group: 0
~Kik: 0

That's it! Have any questions or want to roleplay shoot me a PM~

Rave Reviews

  • I haven't roleplayed with Nyx yet, but you know what's so amazing about her? Everything really. I mean, look at her character profiles! I don't even know how I got over my stunned state to encode this kudos. XD I like the depth of her characters thus far, and though...
    -- Rett
  • Their characters are all so thought out with great pages that seem to match up perfectly! Not to mention they are ridiculously friendly and welcoming in the community, they certainly made me feel at home! I hope we can rp someday <3 <3
    -- CatNoLastName

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