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  • Gender: Female




-Australian lady
-Perpetually sassy
-Loves almost all animals; guinea pigs, doggos and cattes especially
-Would survive on peach iced tea if this was an option (and sometimes does)
-Already has a soulmate, thanks tho
-Needs to RP more (but probably won't, let's be honest)
-Whisper/PM friendly, unless you're creepy

<3 <3 <3 Have a nice thing! <3 <3 <3


Rave Reviews

  • I've crashed into Stacey more times than either of us can probably count and tbh, it never gets old. Nearly always down to earth and hella welcoming, this beb never shys from tossing a greeting my way or asking about my day. She's just a big ol' heart warmer, this...
    -- corivana
  • i luv stace. she is Queen of rp. she is sassy and funny and just a precious bean. i miss her rp a lot but if u catch her, she's just FAB. she makes you laugh and cringe and you end up making her chars sign up to unexpected things #sorrynotsorry love u stace
    -- Luxe

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