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"Hello there! I've see you've stumbled upon my humble profile!"

You may call me Keed, Tails, Pax, Miles- Wow that's a bunch of names right there! You're free to really call me whatever you want really!
I am a longtime roleplayer and have been doing this ever since elementary school! I mostly focus on character studies, canon character interactions, etc. However, I have been trying to branch out a little bit more sometimes! I sometimes do run out of motivation and can ghost from time to time. Please give me reminders if I do this, as I will forget. So sorry in advance!

My roleplay style is mostly literate to novella, but it can go down to just semi-literate depend on the other person's responses.

The fandoms I'm in include Night In The Woods [ all time favorite game lol ], Sonic, Undertale, Deltarune, anything with the horror genre, Stardew Valley, Cult of The Lamb, FNAF, really just a bunch of stuff!

I mostly don't roleplay OCs, and the ones I do roleplay often are just one or two really. I'm far more comfortable with canon characters and love to do little character studies during my roleplays, which you will see a lot!

It's a pleasure to meetcha'! Don't be afraid to talk to me! I don't bite!

( ...hopefully. )

Rave Reviews

Farer and I haven't roleplayed, but we chat a bit in DMs. They are a very friendly fellow, who is not only extremely fun to talk with but has amazing taste in games and franchises as well. I wish you all the best, Pax. :D Kind and understanding - DumboOctopus
I’m giving Keed another set of kudos because I can and she deserves it. Not only are fae a wonderful friend of mine, but vi is marvelous at the characters she plays and has an amazing understanding of the world they live in. I highly recommend Tails, she’s great. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Sunstruck

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