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Hiya! You can call me Pax, Tails, or Farer! Or just a nickname if ya wanna. I'm currently a student in high school with an aim to be a video game developer and artist!
I am of the Mediator personality (INFP) which stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving. I am also a enneagram 4 (or the creative type)! I am an artist, story-teller, and musician with slight astraphobia.
I tend to really only come up to people if they first come up to me, but I am trying to get out of my comfort zone.
One thing to note is that I am a neurodivergent person which does affect my behavior heavily. This really affects my motivation, my ability to process certain tones, etc. I also suffer with depression, severe anxiety, and some dissociation problems. Please be patient with me!

I am a horror fanatic and a huge cat lover! I have five cats in total who are all incredibly cute and with my favorite cat breeds being the Sphynx and the Korat. As a kid I was obsessed with studying cat behavior and I can probably still give ya some interesting facts my little brain decides to still hold.
With horror I mostly love psychological horror that most, my favorite horror games including Who's Lila, Endacopia, and Slay The Princess.
Besides from just horror games I love all sorts of video games (Most of my roleplays surrounding them anyway XD)! Here are some of my favorites:

-Any Sonic game but specifically Sonic Frontiers!
-A Hat In Time
-Your Turn To Die
-Adventures With Anxiety
-Hollow Knight
-Night In The Woods
-Five Nights At Freddy's
-Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
-Stardew Valley

I enjoy some TV shows such as Sonic Prime, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, Sailor Moon, and Survivor!

I also have a few hobbies including drawing, playing my ocarina, writing, playing video games, learning new things, studying stars and planes, and I just also love robots (they're so cool)!

A little note: I will not go into detail as it is a very personal manner to me, but I do have a strong connection towards Tails. Roleplaying as him helps with some of my dissociation problems, but please do not OOC insult said character, do any major character death from the Sonic franchise in roleplay, or any shipping.


Now onto roleplay information!

I will NOT roleplay with OCs. While I do in some situations, I will not roleplay with OCs on this site unless with a close friend and in PMs.

The only genres I hardly ever do in historical and romantic. With romantic wise I am a aromantic individual and prefer platonic relationships in roleplay. However, I am not opposed to romance at all and will do one if I think it fits the characters!
I mostly will only roleplay in PM as well as I feel as though it is more organized. However, depending on the roleplay, I do not mind to roleplay in forums as well.
Please note that while I have many years of experience in roleplaying that I will make mistakes. This will include small spelling and grammar errors. I do not mind you correcting me! :)
I tend to post rather long paragraphs most of the time, but depending on your roleplay style I may shorten or lengthen it. My most common post length is three to five paragraphs. I tend to deep dive into the setting and how said character is feeling with these responses. I also write in third-person and will not roleplay in first-person or if someone else uses first-person.
I do expect you to please give me anything that makes you uncomfortable in roleplays before we plan/start one, especially if they aren't on your profile. I will ask to make sure however.

Here are some of my favorite genres to roleplay!:
-Hurt/comfort orrrrr hurt/no comfort if you're evil
-Somewhat modern settings with a sort of fantasy or sci-fi twist
-Angst in general
-Found family (Personally love adopted siblings)

I am an angst writer and even in fluff scenarios 9/10s out of ten I will reference some behavior to having some underlying darker meaning. However, if fluff is more of the topic then angst it will not be really present in said roleplay. One of the genres I absolutely will never roleplay are crack roleplays. I am not a fan of non-serious roleplays what so ever as I do not find them fun at all.

I do have a bit of triggers when it comes to roleplaying, however it does depend on the character which I will let you know beforehand. The most general trigger I have is lab experimentation on living beings. This makes me generally scared and I will abandon the roleplay and block you if you bring it up. No excuses.

I cannot believe I have to say this, but NO NSFW. I am a minor. I will not "fade to black" either. If you do so as even mention it I will report you to staff immediately. This goes for people of all ages. I will also not roleplay romance with anyone 18 or older for my own safety and comfort.
Besides that, I am not very picky with the age of the person I roleplay with.

Curious about what other sites I'm on?

I do not go on a whole lot of social media as I generally don't have access and also do not wish to. You can find me on two other medias however!

Scratch profile (I've been here for way too long)
Archive of Our Own account!
I am very rarely on Discord, but if you ever want to talk to me on there and are patient with long wait times (usually spanning to months), please do not hesitate to reach out to me! ( Miles per hour#6053 )

None of the art on this profile belongs to me and belongs to their respective creators!

It's very nice to meet'cha!


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They have a good special personal understanding of the character and of course they re amazing at playing him! Very much cannon! Alot of passion with playing this smort boy!! Drives the plot forward Long posts - Deltarunner
Skep (played by Foxfarer)
This skeleton is great, i love em! They are especially descriptive with playing him and you can tell the character means a WHOLE lot to them! I just wanna hug the skeleton so bad, he needs one man Kind and understanding Long posts - Deltarunner

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