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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: September 17

My character pages are still under construction.
If you want to roleplay with them, don't be shy. :)

Roleplay Availability: [CLOSED]

Roleplay Slots:
(1) [FILLED] Kelrax
(2) [PENDING] Justine

Due to limited time and mental energy, I'm only doing a set amount of active roleplays at a time, and not with the same character simultaneously.

It might take me some time to reply to lengthy roleplays, and I probably won't respond more than a couple of times a day. Sorry for any inconvenience!

My oldest and most loved OC.

Characters still pending creation:
  • Isknari (baby dragon)
  • Shaddoxx (ancient dragon)
  • Moonlight (kitsune deity)
  • Ivory Foxx (descendant of dragons, daughter of a kitsune)
  • Luna Ivor (half-elf child)
  • Unnamed half-dragon male
  • Unnamed ancient elven male
  • Unnamed pure-bred werewolf male
  • Unnamed human female

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