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I'm friendly, I do any rps except 18+, also add me if you want to be friends with me and to chat with me! Also I won't be on mostly because of school starting and I'm a freshman in high school. I'll also try to message my rps that I'm doing, when I have a chance to respond back to my friends, so feel free to message me. Like I said, I'm only online for a certain amount time, so I hope everyone understands why I'm offline for such a long time. Here's a bit about me, I'm sweet, friendly, brave and very funny in real life, but I get bullied at my school, then I was bullied for over 5 years of my life. I have only a certain amount of time to be on this site as well.

My Discord username is Foxy The Warrior #9885! Follow me please!

I have Instagram too, my username is foxy_thewarrior and follow me if you want as well!

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She is very clever when it comes to role plays. You will NOT get tired of her and she responds quickly. I love the role plays were doing and I hope we have more in the future. She was so hyper and excited whenever I said I would rp about her and I really respect that. Please try her out :3 - Pen_Tsunami
This lady right here has me constantly refreshing my app to see responses from her, I'm currently doing 2 roleplays with her and hope to do more! She's a great writer and comes up with some amazing ideas. I highly suggest you message her and roleplay with her, she's an awesome to partner. Creative ideas Fast responses - Elisora

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