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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15
  • Birthday: November 23

I'm friendly, I do any rps except 18+. I'm on sometimes because of school and sleeping lol. My tablet broke, so I'm only on at school. Add me if you want to be friends with me! Also I won't be on mostly because of school or when I at home after school and the weekends as well. I'm getting a new phone in about two weeks, so let's hope we can talk on my new phone. I have only two days of school left, so I won't be able to chat with people while at school, and wait until high school starts for me, so I'll see if I can rp off of my new phone, when I get it, hope we can chat soon.

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Rave Reviews

  • She is amazing! Simple sentences can set a scene when it comes to RPing, and even though we've only done one RP together, she is fun to roleplay with! Can't wait for more fun and adventures!
    -- ChaosRain16
  • Foxy_TheWarrior, I have had such a blast roleplaying with you! You have always managed to keep the story flowing with your amazing character! All of the unexpected plot-twists, emotion drops are on point! In return; Kudos!
    -- AmongstTheStars

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