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Here's just a few questions to give you some info on who I am!

How long have you been Roleplaying?

Damn, for about 4 years from starting until my hiatus? I was dragged here by my good friend Pirate, whom I met in that same year. I've been writing on my own for longer than that, but my RP experience started on this very website! And I can already say I will never settle for another website ever :) the community here is warm and welcoming, it's being moderated by a great team of people, and genuinely I haven't found any other website so far that deals with the creating of characters and setting profiles for them so well as this one!

What do you like to Roleplay most?

Anything really! Fantasy is probably first on my list, with my main influences there being books like The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Dwarves-series by Markus Heitz, The Shannara Chronicles by Terry Brooks and a variety of games like Dungeon Siege II, my first ever MMORPG, and Aion, which I still play until this day! Nowadays it's mostly EVE Online
Other than that I play Modern life scenario's with a touch of supernatural stuff (not the series supernatural). I really love Wasteland Scenario's, even have a character made for just those!
I like Science fiction as well, especially with my characters Kenneth, which is to date the only original character left from the set 10 that I started out with on this website! but also with Cylene, Alain and more!
I am also a fan of Romance.

Of course these are not all the characters I have, be sure to check out their profiles to find out more about the others! I hope you won't be disappointed!

Games I'm currently playing

EVE Online -> Fyre Hearthcliff (main) and alts Freya Hearthcliff, Shana Hearthcliff and Hammond Hearthcliff
League of Legends EUwest -> GR Fyrez (platinum) and an unranked smurf

Music that I really like

just a little extra :3 my music tastes are varied, but here are a few of my most recent favs. don't hesitate to ask for more!

Cain's Offering - Constellation of Tears
Asking Alexandria - Alone in a Room
While She Sleeps - Anti Social
Architects - Doomsday
Sabaton - Swedish Pagans

and MANY more!

if you have any more questions or are interested in one of my characters, don't hesitate to send me a message!

Freya out~

Important Note
I hereby oficially announce that I do NOT claim most of my character's artwork to be my own. All credit and respect goes to the respective creators and/or owners of the images.
bonus gif if you made it to the bottom of my page. you're awesome

Rave Reviews

Olthain is smart with each rp,staying in character the whole time. Very descriptive most of the time and the actions are simply great. KEEP UP THE AWESOMENESS! - BluePoison
Ooooh, I love bards and too few people can pull them off. This bard, though, looks nothing short of amazing - plus she's Skyrim based, that has to have points for some people! - TheLily

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