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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19

Heya, and welcome... to whatever this account is I guess xD. You can just call me Toast for short, Some of the things I enjoy are video games, music, Pinterest watching Netflix and roleplaying! I love almost everything about all of those topics so feel free to just chat away about your interests I am a very positive and supportive person :D

I like to write poetry even though I am very self conscious about it.

Alot of my characters are anonymous because of my inhibitions and self doubt ;~; so if none of my characters that are public pique your interest just ask for a list and I can give you one!

My favorite types of RP include Romance, Fantasy, Vigilante(or Superhero RP), Dark themes, Modern fantasy, and action/adventure! Of course, I'm very open to all RPing so feel free to just message me and we can work out a plot!

I have my intense introverted moments due to my agoraphobia so I have a tendency to lurk and grow quiet randomly, if this happens just give me a lil nudge and I’ll start talkin again

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  • This guy is amazing y'all. Must play with him. He's kind, funny, and knows how to make a Roleplay enjoyable and fun. I definitely suggest you play with him
    -- Starwarsfan
  • A fun and approachable individual who knows how to handle pacing, tone, and character well. Being capable of both adapting characters in an excellent manner making them his own as well as creating well-made characters of his own. Good-humored and open to a variety of...
    -- Werren

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