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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!

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нello ғellow! ι aм ғroggy, тнe odd ғrog-gιrl. lιĸe yoυ, ι нave вeen вored, and roleplayιng ιѕ мy cнoѕen cυre. ι aм an aѕpιrιng wrιтer aѕ well. нave a nιce day, and don'т ғorgeт тo тaĸe a coмpleмenтary cooĸιe aѕ yoυ leave. тнey're cнocolaтe cнιp. yoυ ĸnow yoυ wanт one.

↜✎❃ All About Moi ❃✐↝

Cute.pngName: Rana, Froskurrin, Kaerugāru. カエルガール! (Frog Girl in Japanese)
Gender: Tomboy Female ^w^
Nationality: Shh! Secret >3<
Birthday: September the 27!
Appearance: I'm sort of a short, slightly skinny girl with wavy/curly brunette hair that falls to the small of my back. I like to wear leggings under oversized hoodies and sweaters a lot. I also lurve my pair of froggy rainboots! I have hazel eyes that really change color depending on my mood! For some reason, I eat and eat but I never get overweight. I'm a nerd/geek without the glasses! ^U^
Personality: Quirky, childish, clumsy, easily annoyed, nerdy, geeky, outgoing. I stick with my nakama!
Likes: Frogs, cats, zebras, red, green, fun, manga, anime (maybe), sour sweets, sweet sweets, pretty much almost all food, video games, manga expressions (such as "Kyah!" "Hieeek!"), nakama, et cetera..
Dislikes: Boastful people, liars, pretenders, boredom, escargot, bananas, boiled vegetables aside from corn and potatoes.
Interests: Swimming, writing, reading, drawing, occasionally snacking, roleplaying, and foruming.
★Le Extra Stuff★

Movies & Shows
Watched and Watching
•Doctor Who <3
•Steven Universe
•Harry Potter (all eight)
•Lord of the Rings
•The Hobbit
•Eragon (le fail)
•Despicable Me (1-2)
•Young Justice
•Pirates of the Carribean
•Home *
•Big Hero Six *

*Had to come along

Manga & Books

Mangas/Comics: natsu_2_by_monkeyloveturtur-d4doumi.png
•Fairy Tail
•Soul Eater
•Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia
•Vampire Knight Academy
•Sword Art Online
•Ouran High School Host Club?

•Heroes of Olympus, Percy Jackson
•Kane Chronicles
•Last Dragon Chroniclespjato_percy_jackson_by_k1rar1n-d5ogu13.png
•Maze Runner Trilogy
•Hunger Games Trilogy
•Eragon (all)
•Incarceron, Sapphique
•Divergent (No more, Tris died -.-)
•Maximum Ride
•The Pendragon Chronicles
•The Mortal Instruments
•The Infernal Devices
•The Bane Chronicles
•Once a Witch
•Ruby Red
•A Series of Unfortunate Events
•All the Wrong Questions
•Merlin: the Lost Years
•Fallen Series
•Twilight series (I regret everything)
•Cloaked, Beastly, A Kiss in Time by Alex Reed
•Et cetera...


•Fall Out Boy
•Daft Punk
•One Republic
•Imagine Dragons
•Ellie Goulding
•Christina Perri (Human, Jar of Hearts)
•Meghan Trainor (Lips Are Moving?)
•Chameleon Circuit


★ LittleBigPlanet (1-3)
★ the Blockheads (app)700.png
★ Minecraft (PC, PS3)
★ Terraria (PS3)
★ Soon..StarBound..
★Pokemon X, OR.

☻ яσℓєρℓαу ѕтуℓєѕ ☻

✒ Childish, random, and odd role plays are accepted!
✒ Dramatic and sad stuff are..err...considered.
✒ Gore..I'm a queasy person. So nope.
✒ Adult
✒ Romance is considered. I have to write a novel, don't I?
✒ Adventure! Fantasy! Maybe sci-fi!
✒ About any other role play that catches my eye will do.

Role Play Avaliablility: Busy :( Sorry!

Wha else..oh yeah!
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