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Still haven’t reworked my profile. Oh how I love procrastinating...

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT send me a friend request without an explanation as to why you want to be my friend. I am getting tired on sending dm's and the person doesn't even bother saying much less a 'hello'. I will be declining friend requests like that from now on and I would prefer you to message me first before considering a friend request. Thank you.

Status: Back in business! Will catch up to those people who I haven't replied yet!

Hit me up with RP requests if you are interested~

I do a lot of Fantasy and MxM stuff! Demons, vampires, werewolves, magic stuff I like but I can also reach Modern Fantasy/SoL and to be honest, I am more flexible with plots.

I tend to avoid FxF, MxF (female role), Dark themes, Sci Fi... that’s pretty much it so far but with Sci Fi it really depends on what type of plot is there. MxF in general depends as well since I do get uncomfortable with it sometimes.

I am more than happy to listen to any plots someone has!

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Frootloops is absolutely amazing to rp with!! He comes up with the best ideas and is perfectly understanding of getting busy and writers block. He is genuinely a nice and sweet person, he is able to pack 1 paragraph with all the details you need for a reply, even when he is busy. Amazing! ❤ - WickedIsGood
Another Kudos that is hundred per cent overdue- because o man isn't Froot just everything you hope for in a RPing partner? He's incredibly patient and on top of that as kind one can be over virtual mails alone, very understanding and keen without being pushy at all. Wonderful company overall, but his characters are definitely worth anyone's while too! His posts are enjoyable to read and chock-full of all the little details and interactions you're hoping to find in a post. Cheers, my dude! - GarnaalProductions

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