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Hey I'm Fros a full time stay at home caretaker. I'm non-binary and cool with any pronouns so feel free to refer to me however you like. I love making characters and original worlds. Of course I love roleplaying as well, but it's been a few years since I've dedicated myself to roleplaying so I'm testing the waters and trying to metaphorically learn how to swim again lol.

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I like to think I'm a friendly and fairly competent roleplayer that can bring a lot of ideas to the table. I won't make someone else do all of the work and I expect to not do all of the work myself either. If I feel like I'm the only one contributing I will drop the RP. In general I will provide 1-3 paragraphs per reply with an exception to starters which are longer by principle. Obviously my grammar isn't the best by any means, but it's also not the worst. My style of writing is very similar to how I talk so pretty casual. Figured I'd disclose that because Tolkien style writing is far from being my forte.

I love anime, manga, and video games with a passion. My current fandoms are Pokemon (always), Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, Dragon Age, Fire Emblem 3 Houses, and Persona with 3 being my favorite game. It's a given there's way more, but as stated those are my current faves.

I'm available most of the time so I will likely reply at least once a day. My schedule can get busy at times though so don't be surprised if you find yourself waiting around a week for a reply.

Setting preferences
Fantasy settings are my favorite.

Rarely do I find myself interested in normal everyday settings. I live in a normal setting so why would I want to play that out? Fantasy can mean a lot of things to me such as dragons and magic, modified time periods, or even modern day with supernatural creatures. As long as it's not mundane slice of life I'm down.

I'm not too big info Sci-fi or steampunk settings. That's mainly because I'm not very familiar with them so I'm not opposed to trying either setting out.

I'm always willing to do RPs centered around established fandoms so just ask if that's what you'd like and maybe we can find a shared fandom between us.

I have my own original fantasy world that is always available to use for RPs. Just ask if you're interested. I have a lot of information written down for it elsewhere, but it's a personal project of mine that I've been working on for a few years now so I keep it private unless asked. Also I'd rather not info dump on complete strangers lol.

RP Preferences. Contains mentions of NSFW content

I only RP through private messages. Never will I ever RP using a public forum. Do not ask me for my discord. If I want to add you on discord I will offer it. Sorry. I just don't like to give my discord out to people unless I consider them friends.

In general I can play either submissive of dominant characters, males to females to anything in between, monsters, or I can even be persuaded to play animals. It really depends. Romance is a must in any RP for me. Smut is nice and I'd prefer it, but not a requirement.

I'm kink friendly though the usual no-no's most people list apply to me as well. So bathroom play, underaged, rape, necro, and feet are forbidden. Sorry feet people.

My favorite kinks are breeding/impregnation, stomach bulging whether it be from an object or liquids if you catch the gist of what I'm saying, size difference, choking, cunnilingus (oral on women), dry humping, and stockings.

Here's a link to my f-list for more in depth info.

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