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Let's see what do you need to know about me. I've seen a lot of pain, I love music, and uhh I have a passion for friends and family. I that's all for now I guess

Starting to get ghosted by some of my partners, please note that any ghosting will result in the end of the RP. Do NOT start an RP with me and leave me without warning, I'm still taking new partners but it will soon get to the point where I won't accept any at all. Please do not ghost me and start an RP with me if you can't finish or warn me if you have to leave. Especially if it's over a month. Please reply within a week time frame or tell me if you can't make the reply time

Hyperfiction: None

Do not: Control my characters, write one-liners, and be afraid to ask questions, stop the RP without warning me first.

Do: Write long posts, ask before you do something with the plot that's major involving one of my characters, tell me what character you plan to use along with any triggers, tell me if you have to leave

Rave Reviews

Just started our first RP and it is off to a strong start. Prior to the beginning, we took a lot of time to plan the story out, what characters to use and how to keep everything organized. Posts have been both consistent and concise and looking forward to the RP's story progressing and perhaps even more characters being introduced as time goes on. 10/10 would recommend. Wonderful writer Concise posts - BloodLightning74
Oh Frost. I was just a lonely Toad on a log when I met her, but when I first showed up in my tacky little get up, she saw my character and threw me a proposition. She gave me the plot, and I will admit I was skeptical. But I swallowed my pride and I gave it a chance. Since then she’s been giving me such a thrill ride of a story, you never know what’s next. 10/10 writing, 10/10 story, 10/10 role player. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Rattlesnake

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