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Welcome to Wonderland

Average Activity Level: Usually I will be able to respond at least once a day, but I'm prone to bouts of forgetfulness, so I apologize for all delays!

Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them
Name: You can call me Fruit! Or Clay! Some of you might know me as Maurice, and that's fine too! Call me whatever you like!

Keep in mind, I am on Pacific Standard Time. I'll always try to respond as quickly as possible, but there are a lot of factors in life that complicate things, and I'm sure y'all understand that!

Yello, there! To start this, I'd like to say that as much as I like to think of myself as good with deadlines and scheduling-- I'm not. So basically, I do try, but it's often in vain. Please forgive me.

That being said, my responses should always be a decent 2-3 paragraphs if not occasionally more. Mostly, reply length depends on what you gave in your last response. One-liners and the like should get at least a paragraph, but it likely won't be as content-filled as I'm just trying to stretch it to meet my standards, heh. I would prefer you not write in script-format, but if you feel uncomfortable writing in other formats, that's fine by me.

On to content! Content-wise, I will not-- I repeat-- will NOT roleplay sexual scenes both because I'm a minor and because I'd really rather have nothing to do with that. Similarly, I am reluctant to do romance-- this one's more for your sake than mine, as I have a terrible understanding of romance and thus would make a terrible roleplay partner for it. If you see me around, there's an almost 100% chance that I'm roleplaying fantasy or sci-fi-- you will rarely ever see me roleplaying something realistic.

Don't be afraid to pop in if you have an idea you want to pitch me! I won't bite even if I have to turn you down!


Rave Reviews

from what I've rped with them so far: incredible! its very rare I find someone who keeps up descriptive, length replies! very friendly and a wonderful writer!! - bunnieb13
A very capable RPer able to keep up with detailed multi-paragraph RPs without apparent difficulty. If you have a complex story-driven RP in mind and need someone who can provide detailed and contributive responses, I can heartily recommend this individual. Fruitloop provides a good deal of fun to an RP, and is friendly out of character as well. Our last RP may have been cut short before any of the real action started, but it was still an enjoyable experience. - Riik

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