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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: June 21

Health Status: It's College time!!

I live in Australia so my timezone is absolute bull. Heads Up to anyone who wants to talk / rp with me, I'm gonna be a tad bit hard to reach sometimes.
I also like Alternate Universes, so I might create them or my characters will occasionally have different timelines!

Rave Reviews

  • What can I say about Insomniac, other then she's a great Rper and an unbelievable artist. Insomniac puts 100% into her characters playing them so you forget the person typing the words for them. Not going to lie sometimes I get a little jealous of how well she rights...
    -- Prince-Dono
  • Because she's given away free art to multiple Rpers, which, given the time and effort it takes to do, is AMAZINGLY sweet. <3
    -- Verainne

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