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Status: I'm currently setting up my characters for this site. I probably won't reply to many messages until I'm done, sorry.
I've found more than enough RP's and partners for the moment. So I'm not searching any more. That can change though, so you are always free to ask :D


My name is Fynn and I'm from a small country that's often overlooked and has the best chocolate (fight me! xP). Anyways, feel free to ask me about any RP or just for a chat in general.

Time zone: CEST

What are my favourite...?

-Videogames: Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect Series, The Sims Series, Pillars of Eternity, Yakuza Series

-Book Series: A Song of Ice and Fire, Malazan Book of the Fallen (side note: There is a lot that I haven't read yet that I'm quite sure will make this list eventually.)

-Manga: Berserk (again...a lot on my "to-read"-list)

-TV Series: The Wire, A Game of Thrones (until S4), Desperate Housewives

-Anime: Shiki, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Fairy Tail

Music Bands: Within Temptation, Hurts, Linkin Park, Sia, Michael Jackson

What are my quirks/flaws when I rp?

-I'm always up to play a male character. Female characters are also a possibility if there are multiple main characters. I won't play transgender characters, etc. I am FtM and it's not anything I dislike. I don't want to play it out in fiction where I can be whoever I want, though.

-I'm always up for a MxM romance. However, I don't like the typical tropes like "mean guy - shy guy", "top guy - submissive guy". I like to keep it flexible (in like 3 ways this can be interpreted...hehe... xP)

-I do understand that RP's are a safe space for many people and that's great! I prefer worlds in which not everything is as it should be. Where ignorance and bad things can happen. I find it intriguing to contemplate the world, people's flaws and fears... It's kinda the whole thing my law studies are about and I love it ;P

-I won't use any pictures to describe my characters unless they are a perfect fit and copyright free. If one of my characters look is based on another anime character, TV show character or whatever, I will tell you per PM who was the reference for them if we decide to roleplay with them. (In that case I refer to the right to use art as inspiration and to subject anything available on the Internet to my personal/private use as is legal regarding to the Swiss law. The reference is made by myself and not by or directly on this site and is thus subjected to the Swiss law.) Whelp, I've gone the extra mile in legality terms like the proper law student I am xDD

I do hope that I find some like-minded people here. If you feel like it, just leave me a message. To everyone: Have a nice day! :D

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