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i am here to role play, find freinds and have a wonderful time :D

I love Steam punk, Futuristic Steam punk, Cyber punk and Video games in general. (very few that i dislike) I love manga and anime, i'm all about roleplay, and if you're up for it a sexy roleplay"

I did a Computer Drawing of my face and it's my avatar now !.

Correction My avatar currently is my walking dead original character named Godfire

Rave Reviews

Im surprise I have not give him kudos yet (Or maybe I have, too lazy to look lol!) Anyway, been roleplaying with this guy for a few years already and I can honestly say he has teach me so much. You all need to check him out! :) - MarieSapphire

I know I gave him kudos before but he deserves more! He is a really good friend and I love the originally he gives to the roleplays and all the twist and turns. You should definitely drop him a message. You won't regret it! :) - MarieSapphire

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