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✨I am GLSmolBean {Great Lord Smol Bean}✨
~🦋Questioning Sexuality🦋~
🐝I balance my real life along with my fantasy lives so please be patient with me as I'm a very busy bee! (Bzzz!)🐝
*Also I have a lot of characters so bare with me-*

Rave Reviews

GLSmolBean is an amazing roleplayer and most certainly brings their environments to life. A lot of the roleplayers on other sites I used to be on were kinda clunky and the characters felt robotic, always referencing one thing. She makes everything so fluid and lifelike. Great job! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - KingDragon
For the time that I was role-playing with this person, I can say that he has very good ideas and knows how to handle the story very well. He narrates his characters in a compelling way, so if you get a chance to role-play with this person, do it. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - lleuadamaris_

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