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Howdy Ya'll, I go by Matt, but I'm stuck with Glitch. It's my main OC's name, and I cant change it, so here I am!

So! I'd like to explain a few things about myself that you should know before jumping in!

1, I can get off-topic with a few things here and there, and if you're up for it, we can just chat! Especially if You or me just aren't in the mood to rp at that moment.

2, To expand upon my "I go by Matt" You can also call me William, M, Glitch, Or Will.

3, I Don't curse often, and that applies to my characters, feel free to curse just know I dont do it often.

4, I'm a veteran in the RP front but just because sometimes I may type a whole lot once in a while doesn't mean I'm a thousand-paragraph maniac, I'm a Free-form sort-a guy, I can go from a few sentences to a couple paragraphs. For the most part its because I don't want to take control of the story. I hate to take freedom away from a story that we're building from the ground-up, So I may give an inner thought process or little movements here and there, but unless I Really am the only building the story, Don't be hesitant to throw in your ideas and expand on the world!

5, I don't usually do pre-planning with plots, they usually just slowly get built up. But if you feel more comfortable with making a plot before hand, I'm cool with that.

6, I have a job, I'm a Senior and work often, along with a social life going on, so If I do vanish for a while, I'm deeply sorry but please don't take it personally.

8, I'm a profound Dyslexic, But I've found a few programs to fix that up-Along with my love for writing lol.

9, mood is a really important factor when doing an rp, Sometimes we just feel tired with life and can't be bothered to talk with anyone Y'know? So This sort of relates to #6, if i dont respond, this could also be a reason

10, Final one, I am a very forgetful person. I would have forgotten my own name if people didn't say it so often, so back to #6, If I Forget this site exists, I Apologize beforehand. I have it bookmarked so I'll get back to ya' eventually.

And that's about it, Feel free to scour my character library for ideas for your own, Let me know if you do, I'd Love to help you, give some inspiration or proof-read it for some extra ideas or things you could structure better.

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Glitch my man!
You are an amazing writer!
He is an amazing writer
I really like his character Ronny
He is pretty interesting.
And different Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Scarletwolf

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