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Howdy friends! I go by glitch, quite obvious I'd have to say.

Anyway, I'd like to explain a few things about myself you should know!

1, I can be pretty weird at times, but if you see it commonly for you, know that I trust you a lot!

2, I have a hard time replying to messages due to school and such, so stay patient and ill get to you eventually #6

3, I Much rather not Cuss and such but I'll allow it for Roleplays. Also, if I plan on cussing or I do cuss, expect me to say "Excuse my language" Before cussing

4, I'm a veteran in the RP front but just because sometimes I may type a whole lot doesn't mean I'm a thousand-paragraph maniac, I'm a Free-form kinda guy!(Please don't bombard me with 5 paragraphs every response and expect me to do the same, my brains gonna explode )

5, This one is important, I am very very bad at thinking of plots, I'm Naturally winging or something similar, I usually only have the bare-bone necessity for ideas

6, Stress is getting to me sometimes, because of work, and school, so im really sorry if I don't respond for upward of a week.

7, If it feels like I'm ghosting you, refer to #6

8, I'm a dyslexic with Dyscalculia that Procrastinates and an active over-thinker.

9, refer back to #3

Phew! That wasn't too hard to read I hope!

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Glitch my man!
You are an amazing writer!
He is an amazing writer
I really like his character Ronny
He is pretty interesting.
And different Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Scarletwolf

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