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Howdy friends! I go by glitch, quite obvious I'd have to say.

Anyway, I'd like to explain a few things about myself you should know!

1, I can be pretty weird at times, but if you see it commonly for you, know that I consider you as a true friend

2, I have a hard time replying to messages due to school and such, so stay patient and ill get to you eventually!

3, I Much rather not Cuss and such but I'll allow it for Roleplays. Also, if I plan on cussing or I do cuss, expect me to say Excuse my language

4, I'm a veteran in the RP front but just because sometimes I may type a whole lot doesn't mean I'm a thousand-paragraph maniac, I'm a Free-form kinda guy!

5, This one is important, I am Bloody horrible at thinking of plots, I'm Naturally winging or something similar, I usually have the barebones necessity for ideas

6, Stress is getting to me sometimes, so if by some chance I start venting in our chat, similar to #1, I count you as a true friend

7, If it feels like im ghosting you, Im not, School is stressful, so sorry if it feels like im avoiding you

Phew! That wasn't too hard to read I hope!

Rave Reviews

This guy is awesome. He is so funny and fun to role play with i think everyone should role play with him - Starwarsfan
things I will say, well, he is just a fun loving and caring guy. I feel like I close friend even tho we are miles apart. There's times we get off track from RPing and just talk, it's very cool cuz we know lots about each other and I feel special when I talk with him. He just makes ya feel good in more ways then one, don't ever stop. - Sweet_Little_Sock

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