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Warning! You are now in the presence of a Disnerd! Proceed with caution!




You still here? Awesome! Now, with that outta the way, let me properly introduce myself! So, the name's Gab! I'm just your average 20 year old girl with a love for Disney (More specifically, Lilo and Stitch), writing, drawing, and animals! I also use too many exclamation points! Oh, and I'm dating the best moth ever! <3

So, let's get a little bit more about me outta the way!


1. I live in a relatively large family. I have three siblings as well as two dogs (previously had three, but my brother moved out and took his dog with him), a cat, and my parents. It gets crazy at times, but I love it.

2. I love different types of music. The music I listen to really depends on my mood, though I mostly listen to Country music. I make a lot of references to the music I listen to.

3. I am currently going to college and now majoring in Art Education (was previously majoring in biology, but got too stressed by that and changed it)

4. I am learning how to drive. Yes, I know, I should have learned to drive by now, but I'm lazy and the traffic where I live is awful, so I never really wanted to get around to it until now.

5. I have changed my dream job from veterinarian to genetic counselor and now to art teacher. I think it'd be an interesting job.

6. I live in Texas, though I have also lived in Florida and North Carolina. My parents are retired from the Air Force, so we used to move quite a bit beforehand.

7. I'm short. Yeah, I said it, I'm short. I'm only 4 feet 11 inches. I love it, though, even if my boyfriend likes to tease me about it.

8. I have Turner's Syndrome, meaning one of my x-chromosomes is broken up or missing entirely. Curious about more? Don't be afraid to ask! I'll try to answer questions to the best of my ability!

9. I'm actually pretty socially awkward in real life.

10. I'm in the process of attempting to write a book centered around a few of my characters and the world they live in. It's slow-going, but it's getting there.

11. I have a number of fandoms, the most notable ones being Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Miraculous Ladybug, and Percy Jackson. I only have characters for FMA, though, I could whip up an oc for the other fandoms if needed. You can ask about other fandoms I'm in and I'd be glad to tell you :3

12. I'm proudly bisexual!

13. These are my five most favorite songs at the moment

Well, now that you know about me, let's get into my rp rules!


1. I have relatively slow responses. I can usually only manage to respond every once in a while, mostly because writer's block gets a hold of me and my mind usually likes to go in a million different directions at once. I try my best not to flake.

2. Please don't bug me about responding, even if you see me floating around the site. That will just make me feel rushed and believe me, I don't like that feeling. Giving me a bit of a poke and seeing how I am and asking me if I'm still up for the rp is alright, but rushing me to respond kinda pushes me away.

3. I write in 3rd person perspective and would prefer my partner do the same.

4. IC does not equal OOC: I am not my characters and my characters are not me. Just because my character hates yours or falls for yours does not mean I feel the same way.

5. I usually write 1-3 paragraphs and would prefer my partner do the same. You don't have to write a novel, just please give me something to work with.

6. I will not change the relationship statuses of any of my married or engaged characters. Their relationships are canon and will not be changed because you don't like that fact.

7. I love IC drama. I may or may not have a problem...

8. I do love a good IC romance, but don't let it overtake the rp's purpose. And again, don't assume that because my character's fallen for yours that I feel the same way. I'm happily in a relationship, so let's just stay friends.

9. I prefer to rp in medieval-ish fantasy setting as this is the world a lot of them live in.

10. Smut with me depends on two things: The player and the character. Both you and your character must be 18+ to do smut, though if you, the player are underage, I will do ftb and I will flat out refuse to have my characters do ftb or smut with characters under 18. I would also prefer to have at least rped with you for a little bit and there to be an actual connection between the characters to do smut or ftb. I also don't want smut or romance to overtake the plot's purpose. There are also certain characters of mine that I will not do smut or ftb with.

11. When it comes to romance, I'm open for any type of gender pairing. Though for smut, I would prefer MxF since I'm not really familiar with how any other gendered pairings would work. I'm willing to learn, but I'll probably be asking a lot of questions, so I'd have to ask for patience. I also don't go into too much detail with writing smut out, so please be aware of that.

12. If you're interested in any of my characters, please do shoot me a message and we can figure something out!

13. I do like to have a good OOC chat, so don't be scared if I all of a sudden pop up with those OOC parenthesis! I don't bite!

14. If you don't like any characters that I have on my profile, I have some more here and here for you to take a look at! I've also got a few WIP characters that I have a basic idea for but haven't gotten around to putting up yet, so you can ask me about that as well if ya want!

15. A lot of my characters are being updated at the moment, so please pardon my dust!

15. Have fun! ^_^

Oh, yeah! Before you leave, check out this one thing!


Check out my Pokéfarm account! I don't have much yet, but I'm having fun with it!

Huggle me?


Well, with all of that outta the way, I'll see ya around, hopefully! ^_^

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I've given kudos before multiple times, but she deserves them and more. Don't even get me started on how amazing she is, a total and absolute sweetheart in every meaning of the word. I've been blessed with such a sweet, loving girlfriend and an absolutely amazing RP partner. Her responses may be slow (so are mine), but they are well worth the wait. I love plotting with her, and I would recommend everyone taking the chance to RP with her.. She's the greatest person I've ever met <3 - KansasVenomoth
Alright, I know I've given this beautiful person kudos several times before, but she deserves every single one of them. I've lost count on how many RPs I've started with her and I look forward to every single one with her. While her mind might be filled with cruel ideas, they're creative nonetheless. I always look forward to seeing what she has cooked up, whether it's an RP plot or a character. She's essentially the New York Yankees of RPing. I love this girl :D <3 - KansasVenomoth

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