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Hello there humans and non-humans. I'm Galaxy-Star and I would love to interact with all of you. Although my characters might have set ages and set scenarios they fall into I usually adjust them to any situations. I'm not new to the whole role-playing thing but i'm new to the community. I actually started role-playing with a friend and then on polyvore (until it turned into ssense).

I draw majority of the art used for my characters. If you're interested in my art check out my Instagram trash0mammal.

I mainly freestyle my roleplays, meaning that I do many genres and even mix some. My length depends on what you're looking for. And I'm open to a lot of ideas for roleplays.

Rave Reviews

I’ve been RPing with her for awhile and I can say that she is great to play with.
Interesting characters and stories behind them, and just an overall pleasant person to RP with. Creative ideas Long-term partner - ragemachine
Galaxy-star is a chill and fun person to rp with, she replies fast, is always friendly and is great fun to talk with in generall ^_^ - Goldenflash_andy

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