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Hello there humans and non-humans. I'm Galaxy-Star and I would love to interact with all of you. Although my characters might have set ages and set scenarios they fall into I usually adjust them to any situations. I'm not new to the whole role-playing thing but i'm new to the community. I actually started role-playing with a friend and then on polyvore (until it turned into ssense).

I draw majority of the art used for my characters. If you're interested in my art check out my Instagram trash0mammal.

I mainly freestyle my roleplays, meaning that I do many genres and even mix some. My length depends on what you're looking for. And I'm open to a lot of ideas for roleplays.

Rave Reviews

Galaxy-Star was so kind to give me my first ever kudos! But truth is she deserves some of her own not just in return for giving me one. Gala is a delightful RPer filled with fun ideas and sincere interactions between their characters. I joined our group around the same time as her, and I have loved to see her grow. Outside of RP she is kind and an absolutely incredible artist. Im always interested to see what she will be doing next! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Luxo
She's a nice friend and a great roleplayer. I love making up rps with her, and just having fun all together. She's a thumbs up in my book! - CoyBoat275

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