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  • Gender: Female

Hello there humans and non-humans. I'm Galaxy-Star and I would love to interact with all of you. Although my characters might have set ages and set scenarios they fall into I usually adjust them to any situations. I'm not new to the whole role-playing thing but i'm new to the community. I actually started role-playing with a friend and then on polyvore (until it turned into ssense) and I'm on Facebook although I won't be giving that out unless something comes up and I wouldn't be able to continue here.

I love fandoms although I might like or be active in certain ones. I love Hetalia, Supernatural, Middle ages, and anything else. I'm usually open for anything, although I can be picky depending on my mood.

Rave Reviews

  • Weeeeeeeeee another Kudos cause holy hecc she's amazing and underrated! She knows how to keep an rp going,and interesting! She makes one of the best roleplay buddies in the holy heccing world! Dis Bean is a great friend,and like the best person to talk to! So the...
    -- TheDuckDuttches
  • She is a great person to role-play with!She was one of the first people I role-played with! She's a joy to talk too also! I'm glad I got to role-play with her!
    -- TheDuckDuttches

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