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I am horrendously bad with these sort of things. Like really bad. But I really enjoy RPing, even if I don't have as much time as I'd like for it anymore. I've been lurking around Furcadia for longer than I'd care to admit, and I've been RPing for even longer than that. Like, since 2001.

I caught the bug playing text-based D&D themed MUDs and you'll see me try and weave my roots into the characters that I play. Fantasy based plots are my bread and butter but really I'll play just about anything with just about anyone.

In case you're curious.

  • Shy af
  • Bad at lists
  • ?????

When I'm not on Furcadia I'm more than likely playing any number of video games from Monster Hunter to Modern Warfare. Overwatch takes a fair amount of my time, and I love playing with people so feel free to message me for my tag.

I try to art when I have the time but my muse is a fickle Mistress.

I'm not yet hip with everything social media related so I have no FaceBook, Tumblr or anything to speak of. The best way to reach me is through private message on RPR or a note on DA.

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My name twin, I love her dearly and no matter how few and far between we speak it never feels like it has been as long as it truly is. One of the few I can count on to entertain my wacky ideas. No matter how busy she gets she is always such a dream to speak with!! - Tiufel
as an artist, she is impeccable and has grown over the time i've watched her on DA into someone worth envying. as a writer she is equally impressive, and while i haven't had the opportunity to interact with her lovely characters for a little while, i am always in awe of how beautifully they are rendered. with talent and creativity like yours, you should never be shy! - sulky

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