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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: July 08


Hail to thee thane of... What's this? You're not a thane? Are you a king? A knight? A vassal or lord? Still no, huh? So you are just amazing, fantastic, inspirational you? Even better.

About Me:

I'm an easily confused giraffe at a keyboard, and my friends on RPR call me Gamers or G. I am currently pursuing a writing major in college.

I love video games, as you may have judged by my name. I love to sink my teeth into the lore and mechanics of a game. There is something about being able to experience all of the pieces that go into it working together. And I extend that same enthusiasm to board games and RPing. The plot of an RP is by far one of my favorite parts to work on, maybe even more than the RPing itself. Beyond this, I am a writer (currently editing my first novel!), re-becoming an avid reader, and am a huge fan of sandwiches.

About My RPing:
Current Response Time: Unpredictably Slow Getting Better

I will try most settings, but there are some I enjoy more than others. I do a lot of fantasy, and I have no plans on stopping. I also dabble in modern, as long as it isn't a slice-of-life RP, and sci-fi. I do have characters for steampunk, but they seldom see use.

I am not very picky about types of RPs that I do, but there are some I like, some I love, and some I just won't do:
I will not RP:
MxM or FxF (personal choice)
Pointlessly evil plots
With godmodders, metagamers, etc.
With too OP characters

I love RPs that:
Focus on adventure and mystery (with a healthy dose of action)
Are creative
Are well written
Have good plots
Have a touch of the 'human' element in them.

I am iffy on RPs that are:
Slice of life
One Liners
Canon settings

I am part of

Rave Reviews

  • G is the man, we haven't role-played together yet, but I'm really looking forward to in the future! He has a really awesome sense of humor and I'm always thrilled to see him in the chat, as he's very funny but kind and thoughtful.
    Definitely a great buddy!
    But he...
    -- iolhantheX
  • Gamers is a simply brilliant man. Meeting through the RPR chat, a digital friendship very surprisingly blossomed into a real life one when we figured out that we were close enough to visit. Incredibly creative, I've had the pleasure and honor of both RPing with him...
    -- JayBird

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