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  • Gender: Non-binary
  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: January 07


Yo. I'm Gat. I'm 28. I identify as NB. Pronouns don't matter to me.

I swear a lot, if you're not good with that, then interacting with me probably isn't the best.
I am more than happy to brainstorm scenarios and settings with you, but I will not do all of the plot work. I'm bad at it myself, so don't expect things to go forward if you're relying on just me to advance the plot.

I'm cool with 1x1 or groups. I like playing non-human characters. I predominately play male characters. Sexualities are flexible for all except a handful of my characters. I have a ton of Warcraft fan characters. I can also adapt many characters to AU settings. I'm flexible, babey.

I will only RP with partners who are over 18, or even better, 23-24+. Not because of naughty stuff or adult-only, but because I have had poor experiences in the past with minor partners. It's nothing personal. I am just not comfortable with it.

I don't do horror, Vampires & Werewolves, high schools, or heavy kink stuff. I'm not really here for smut, anyway.

I play Pathfinder on most Saturdays, so that may not be the best time for me to be online. I might have issues with churning out responses every once in a while, but I guarantee it's not because I hate you or I'm bored. It's because I'm horribly ADHD and have a tendency to skip from one interest to the next pretty quickly.

I can type a fair amount, but I usually float around 2-4 paragraphs since anything more than that tends to lead to retroactive reactions and situations that are difficult to respond to.

Other than that, I don't bite. I know that the way I type reads as aggressive or rude sometimes, but I don't mean to be. Words are hard. :U

I like Pokemon, Warcraft, Transformers (specifically the IDW comics), Star Wars, and a bunch of other nerdy stuff. I listen to terrible music, and you may find some on my character profiles that I use for inspiration or makes me think of them. Or at the top of my profile, which I'll change periodically. I like to think I can draw, and unless specified otherwise, I have drawn the art on my characters' profiles and some of their icons.

Rave Reviews

  • Gat is cool person, their character and art (Especially Shahin) are awesome, I hope that maybe in next year we would rp, when I'm of mature age.
    -- RimCaster
  • I love Gat! So kind and caring, has even reached out to me on more than one occasion to see if I was alright, they're so thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of others. But won't tolerate nonsense xD
    My kinda dude!
    I also really really really really like...
    -- iolhantheX

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