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Hello everyone!

I'm Gear, or Gears, and I've been writing and rping for several years. I write in paragraphs and I try to make my posts as detailed as possible. I'm good with pretty much any genre but I particularly enjoy low fantasy. I'm always looking to rp so feel free to shoot me a pm if a character of mine interests you.

I hope we RP soon, ciao!

Rave Reviews

Plots are good, but only the people can make them great. And even though both parties try, sometimes it's a drag out. But, with Gear. I am inspired. Their paragraphs spark something naturally wanting to write my heart out on paper. I feel young again when I write, and though I am not old, I have lost my spark. But with Gear I feel it return with excitement, and I know I will miss this when our story finally ends.
Great things always end somewhere. Thank you Gear for a story I'll remember. 🖤 - Veezly
So, I haven't been writing with Gear for the longest time, but honestly I hope to do more RPs with him in the future! He's creative, friendly, and easy to plot with :) I was nervous to message him when I stumbled onto his profile, but if you're on the fence about messaging him I gotta say- just jump into his PMs and do it! Its definitely worth it! Wonderful writer Concise posts - Sauron

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