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Hello everyone!

I'm Gear, or Gears, and I've been writing and rping for several years. I write in paragraphs and I try to make my posts as detailed as possible. I'm good with pretty much any genre but I particularly enjoy low fantasy. I'm always looking to rp so feel free to shoot me a pm if a character of mine interests you.

I hope we RP soon, ciao!

Rave Reviews

A fantastic roleplayer! I am always excited when I see a response from Gear! Every post is always so thoughtful and their characters are so believable. I'm always on the edge of my seat ready to learn more about his character and their struggles! I am always looking forward to hearing from Gear - InquisitorCat
Plots are good, but only the people can make them great. And even though both parties try, sometimes it's a drag out. But, with Gear. I am inspired. Their paragraphs spark something naturally wanting to write my heart out on paper. I feel young again when I write, and though I am not old, I have lost my spark. But with Gear I feel it return with excitement, and I know I will miss this when our story finally ends.
Great things always end somewhere. Thank you Gear for a story I'll remember. 🖤 - Veezly

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