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Hello everyone!

I'm Gear, or Gears, and I've been writing and rping for several years. I write in paragraphs and I try to make my posts as detailed as possible. I'm good with pretty much any genre but I particularly enjoy low fantasy. I'm always looking to rp so feel free to shoot me a pm if a character of mine interests you.

I hope we RP soon, ciao!

Rave Reviews

I've only been RPing with Gear for a short while and have only been lucky enough to meet one of his characters, but I must say that he is incredibly talented. Pretty much every post leaves puts me at the edge of my seat and his character is written with such believability and genuineness that I just find myself drawn in. His posts are always fast but with a high level of detail you can really sink your teeth into.

10/10 and would love to meet some of his other characters sometime. Wonderful writer Fast responses - khaellar
Lucius (played by Gear)
I love this character! Lucius is such a cocky jerk you can't help but love him. He carries himself with such pride despite his upbringing. He loves the spotlight and being the center of attention. A well thought out character that will always keep you interested! - InquisitorCat

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