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RPing for over a decade. Prefer to rp in pm, discord . Plot and pleasure, i love romance but want a good story as well.

Certain fandom settings, medieval , victorian or modern fantasy settings sought.

Canons and OCs sought to pair with Gena. Dont be afraid to add a little to a canons personality, its rp so have fun with it

I love vampire rp, magic is good, Elves are great.

18 and over only.

OOC i dont care what you are but IC i pair Gena with male characters.

Not a grammar nazi, just give me posts i can understand and work with. I have a detailed character website with character pics, plot ideas and character info for the different settings i do so ask and ill link you.

Don`t be shy, pm me and lets see if we can work up a plot.


Final Fantasy 7
Chrono Cross
Vampire Hunter D
Doctor Who

I have an idea i wanna do involving vampires and Vlad Tepes so looking for a Vlad.

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Usually I only do canon's with my friend Krispy, and it takes a lot for me to try canon's with others. So I was surprised at myself to find that I took up a canon for Gena. I worry about how I will do with the canon, yet Gena encourages me and assures me that she enjoys our rp. She has me laughing a lot with her posts, as her Gena OC is not only funny but good to give back what others give her. I have not been rping long with her, but she's one you shouldn't pass up if you can help it. 10★/10★ Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Winters_Fury

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  • GenaWindstarr gave Silverlance Family (played by Winters_Fury) kudos:
    This looks really good hon. I know youve worked hard on this project and im glad to see it come together. I hope you will find some good RP partners for these characters. Give this writer a chance, they have some very interesting characters and are a great person ooc and fun to plot with. Fast responses Long-term partner
    (About 2 months 1 week ago)