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Why hello, fellow denizens of the internet! I'm GingerHades, and you can call me Ginger or Hades, whatever floats your boat!

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About Me
Not much to say! I'm your typical gamer, furry, writer, animator wannabe, so on and so forth. I'm fairly outgoing and laid back (at least I try to be!), so... yeah, I don't really know what else to say. XD
Feel free to say hello! I promise, I don't bite.

About My Art
90% of the artwork on my profiles was done by me!
I like participating in art trades, or that one forum thread where you doodle the character above you. I will feature any artwork I receive on the character's respective profiles, with credit to the original artist! Also thank you to those who have made artwork for me it's beautiful it makes my heart go aaaa-
I unfortunately am not doing commissions at this time, and likely won't draw for free unless you are a friend of mine. I'm more than happy to do an art trade with anyone, though! Just ask! :D

Roleplaying With Me
Oh boy, now we're getting to the good stuff!
So, below is a list of RP stuff I will and will not do. Read these carefully before asking to RP with me, please!

Stuff I'd be more than happy to do.
  • Fantasy
  • Action/Adventure
  • Horror/Semi-Horror
  • Violence/Gore

Sure, why not?
Stuff that isn't my first choice, but I wouldn't be against doing!
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Slice-of-Life
  • Modern

Ehh, maybe...
Stuff that will take some convincing to get me to do.
  • Fandom RP (with or without OCs)
  • Drama

NOPE! Not happening.
Stuff that I will NOT do, no matter what. Sorry!
  • Sexual Content
  • Romance
  • Plotless RPs
Please please PLEASE keep that last list in mind. Any attempts to do anything on that last list without my permission will result in you getting blocked!

I am very patient when it comes to responses! I understand, real life can get in the way. If you don't respond right away, I will not be upset. However, if you are no longer interested in doing a RP with me, please just say so. Don't leave me hanging, okay? :3

My Availability
I may not be able to respond to messages all the time.
I've still got school, I've still got work... I've got a life, too! If you find I haven't been responding, worst case scenario is that I'm too busy to do so. Please be patient, I will respond as soon as I get the chance!

What's this 'Nimaverse' thing you keep mentioning?
The Nimaverse is a collaborative project I'm working on with my best friend, TheLorekeeper. If you'd like to learn more about their characters in the story, I highly recommend checking them out!

It's about a pacifistic biological weapon and a happy-go-lucky demon befriending each other and wishing to live their lives out peacefully in the human world. But when forces from both the mysterious Alterworld and voracious Underworld threaten their plans.... things sure do happen!

At least half of my characters are from this funky little story. While my Nimaverse characters are open to RPs anytime, keep in mind anything they do outside the Nimaverse will not be considered canon to the actual story!

Aaaand that's about it! I'll see you around, mortals!

Rave Reviews

Gotta love the rage-filled-tall-alien-boy + tiny-snarky-slime-guy duo, it's a classic. ... Oh? It's not? Well, that's fine. These two characters are really funny most of the time, whether they're together (as usual) or apart. Also, all of the work the creator put in to making her own original species and worlds - that's pretty neat too. - TheLorekeeper
Ollie (played by GingerHades)
Ollie is just great. I mean, he's an arrogant mossman and arguably one of the most evil characters Hades has got, but he's so fun! He's such a jerk but in a way that's delightful to read. Love to hate the guy! Also his design is cool, but I guess I had a tiny bit to do with that anyway. - TheLorekeeper

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