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Why hello, fellow denizens of the internet! The name's Hades. Nice to meetcha!

Have any questions? Well, I've got answers! Just click on the text below:

Who are you?
Not much to say, honestly!

  • I'm your local Monster Maker and Cryptid Collector! I love wacky creatures, please show me yours I beg you-
  • I'm a hobbyist 2D artist, and a student taking 3D animation in university.
  • Yes, I am actually a ginger!
  • I'm a furry with an underwhelming amount of anthro OCs.
  • Gravity is my worst enemy, both IRL and in video games. Mostly video games. Damn you, fall damage!
  • I got the name Hades from the villain of the same name in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Based off an inside joke with my partner-in-crime, Rain.
  • Oh yeah, have you guys met Rain yet? Because if you haven't, then I highly recommend you do! They're one of my favourite gremlins of all time and they've got a cast of characters as amazing as they are! :D

Please note that anything I say IC does not reflect my actual feelings OOC! I do play quite a few evil characters (*cough* MIXIE. *cough*), so my apologies in advance if anything said while I'm RPing as a villain comes off as insensitive! I promise, how they act is not how I actually feel. :)

Keep in mind that while you can come say hi to me anytime, I do not accept random friend requests. Please don't send me a request if we haven't talked to each other OOC before; your request will be declined. Thank you! :D


Who did the art on your profiles?
A large portion of the artwork on my profiles was done by me!
I will feature any artwork I receive on the character's respective profiles, with credit to the original artist! Also thank you to those who have made artwork for me it's beautiful it makes my heart go aaaa-

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that I'm not very fond of people who use uncredited/stolen artwork. I understand that not everyone can draw or can afford to commission an artist, however there's so many free art generators available out there (Picrew, Heroforge, etc.)- you should use 'em!
Do keep that in mind- If I find that you use art that's not yours, I will likely refuse to roleplay with you!

Can I RP with you sometime?
Oh boy, now we're getting to the good stuff!

What To Expect From Me
  • I AM OVER 18. While I am willing to roleplay with anyone regardless of age, I'd be more comfortable sticking with other adults!
  • Third-Person POV only!
  • I shoot for one paragraph minimum, but I don't care what your length is, just as long as its more than a one-liner! :D
  • No asterisks. I save that for when I'm being silly OOC.
  • My response rates tend to fluctuate because I have the attention span of a goldfish.
  • I prefer One-on-One RPs, but I'm down for group RPs, too!
  • RPs on Discord is a resounding MAYBE. I would MUCH rather stick to RPR because there's no character limit. I will not roleplay anywhere else!
  • I'm very respectful of your comfort levels! If you want me to tone down gorey/horror elements, I will absolutely do so!
  • Ask me to RP smut/erotica, and I will say no. Ask me twice and you'll be blocked.

RP Themes I Will/Won't Do

Say no more, I'm down for anything listed here!
  • Fantasy
  • Action/Adventure
  • Horror/Semi-Horror
  • Science Fiction

Sure, why not?
Not my first choice, but I don't have anything against it!
  • Mystery
  • Slice-of-Life
  • Drama

Ehh, maybe...
The chances of me doing these are quite low... but not zero.
  • Fandom RP (with fandoms I'm familiar with)
    Note: I usually only do so with close friends. Regardless, feel free to ask me about my fandoms if you're interested!
  • Modern
  • Character Death (mine or yours)

Sorry, but anything listed here will not be happening if I'm involved!
  • Smut/Erotica
  • Sexual Violence
  • Fetishes (including "non-sexual")
  • Romance
    Unless your name is Rain/MothGremlin. I will die for the Girlfiends-
  • Godmodding/Powerplaying
  • Fandom RP (with fandoms I am not familiar with)

I am very patient when it comes to responses! I understand, real life can get in the way. If you don't respond right away, I will not be upset, nor will I pester you for a response. Take your time!

Keep in mind, YOUR WELL-BEING IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE ROLEPLAY. Please don't be afraid to put our RP on hold or drop it altogether if you're concerned about your health; I care about you, and I'm willing to wait/stop if it means you'll be okay. :)

As for your availability?
I may not be able to respond to messages all the time.
I've got school, I've got work... I've got a life, too! If you find I haven't been responding, worst case scenario is that I'm too busy to do so (or even worse, suffering from the dreaded writer's block). Please be patient, I will respond as soon as I can!


Right here is where you can see whether or not I'm open to new RPs.

Current Status: CLOSED
Just started post-secondary! Will be closed for new plots for a WHILE. Might make exceptions for friends, if we're lucky.

Current Response Rate: Very Slow

Aaaand that's about it! I'll see you around, mortals!

Rave Reviews

I think the best word I can use to describe GingerHades, and especially her multi-faceted brood of OCs, is explosive !! Roleplaying with her is an absolute blast, in every setting and theme; from horror to adventure, from endearing slices of life to absolute hilarity. Her writing truly brings out the life in her characters, and her wonderful drawings lend them further awesomeness! I can't wait to see what other shehanigans I'll get to play with her! :D Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - cri86titanium
I’ve not yet had the pleasure to properly RP with Hades but we chat regularly OOC which is always a good laugh. She’s got a whole heap of crazy and colourful demons and monsters. Amu and Patches will go for soft tacos anyday 🌮 Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Leighoflight

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