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Name: Glass or GJ

Age: Minor

Rps I enjoy: Dice , Fantasy , Action and Adventure!
The "I only respond at school" Text was very out dated, i check this site almost CONSTANTLY because I have a huge problem and/or nothing else to do really.

But hey at least its something to do!
I stream on twitch you can find me there at

and I draw a bunch!
Im also the #1 Cause of Anarchal children worldwide. So that's a big achievement.

Rave Reviews

Tabby (played by GlassJungle)
A really interesting character idea. I've seen her around at events and I like to read her stuff. Plus, supportive the Skyrim fandom is something I'm pretty happy to do! I loved that game, it was fun, and it's awesome to see more characters from it or based on it, running about! Her writing is creative (the idea of mixing Skyrim and Japanese cities is so fun, and her response to being confrontation with a maze was also delightful), so I guess if you like Beastars and Khajits you should say hi! Creative ideas - Shinyrainbowlithogra

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