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Well lets see... I am 21 and I love to role play.

Current Rp's 1 long term

Finished Rp's 27 since 01/2017

Accepting Rp's Yes

About Me

Like I said I am 21 and I love to role play. I am a gamer girl but not in the stereotypical tumblr type who lick there controller lol. My Magic the Gathering decks are large and expansive. Im not a shut in though I love my pets and my horse Trucker.

My Rp do's & do nots

Do not cross the bonderies I lay out before a rp starts. I have my bonderies for personal reason.
I will not do any forced smut rps ever so do not even ask.
I will do pure smut role plays.
I wont role play with anyone under 18 unless i post in general rp section.

Rave Reviews

You can ask for no greater Rp Partner than GlitterKitten. Her writing is perfect, her characters layered in depth, and she has been a great friend for a long time. If your time is limited and can only rp once in your life time, make sure it is with my friend. - DukeKagan

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