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Words in the heart can not be taken
~Terry Pratchett , Feet of Clay


I never know what to put on these things, mostly because I don't know what people need to know. Anyways, I've been rping on Furcadia for three years now, but I've been rping since I was 13, on the neopets forum. I've modded here and there, taken breaks but rp is my constant hobby I always come back to.

Over the past year I've learned a lot of lessons, but I think the most important one is I will no longer tolerate drama. I know everyone says that- but I truly mean it when I say I'm tired of it, and I'm here to have fun. If all you have in your heart is spite, and a desire to harm- please find it somewhere in there to stay away from me.
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I'm genuinely interested in most plots, barring things that will make me need to make heavy changes to my characters in order to fit your vision. I'd rather just make a new character if that's the case! Most of my roleplay is based in The Golden Tether, and in truth I'm rarely interested in stepping out of that, but if we've rp'd together for a bit, and you want to, I'll most likely be down.

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This lady. THIS LADY! If you haven’t had the grand opportunity to roleplay with her, don’t walk, RUN! She has a huge variety of characters and there has not been one that hasn’t impressed me. She is so great about stepping into the roles she has chosen for each, its amazing. But not only are her characters and roleplay amazing, she is too! She is kind and generous and funny and sweet etc etc. She is so down to earth and always there for her friends. Definitely a diamond in the rough. <3 Ilu. - Essie
Pastel is easily one of the beast beans. While small and feisty, she is a friend through and through with nothing getting in the way of friendship. Despite us not speaking for a while, we were able to reconnect and be buds yet again, and I'm so thankful for that. I don't know how I would survive without this lovely mouse collecting mom. Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Fabl

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