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Words in the heart can not be taken
~Terry Pratchett , Feet of Clay


I never know what to put on these things, mostly because I don't know what people need to know. Anyways, I've been rping on Furcadia for three years now, but I've been rping since I was 13, on the neopets forum. I've modded here and there, taken breaks but rp is my constant hobby I always come back to.

Over the past year I've learned a lot of lessons, but I think the most important one is I will no longer tolerate drama. I know everyone says that- but I truly mean it when I say I'm tired of it, and I'm here to have fun. If all you have in your heart is spite, and a desire to harm- please find it somewhere in there to stay away from me.
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I'm genuinely interested in most plots, barring things that will make me need to make heavy changes to my characters in order to fit your vision. I'd rather just make a new character if that's the case! Most of my roleplay is based in The Golden Tether, and in truth I'm rarely interested in stepping out of that, but if we've rp'd together for a bit, and you want to, I'll most likely be down.

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Pastel is an incredible woman -- truly, I mean it. She's kind, she's thoughtful, she's considerate and caring. She has one of the most beautiful creative minds I've seen in a long time and the fact that she is one of my dearest friends is only sprinkles on an otherwise phenomenal cake. I didn't know I needed a woman like her in my life until she was there, and now that she is it makes me wonder how I lived so long without her. Here is to many more years together, my friend. I love you! - BrandyCat
For the last several years I've considered her a good friend, and while we don't talk as much anymore, every time we do is nothing but pleasant. I have watched her grow into a fantastic person and artist, with a real gift for creating characters and a strong drive to help and grow the community around her as well. She really is an inspiring person and I'm very thankful for the friendship we've shared! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Cultist

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  • Cordelia (played by Goblin) has declared Gideon Fawcett (played by SleepyPlatypus22) family.1 day ago
  • Goblin befriended Darren1 week ago
  • Figimus gave Goblin kudos:
    Mice! Mice everywhere! And the best thing about them is that they are all played in completely different ways. That should be enough of a testimony to Pastel's ability to RP unique characters. In fact, just when you think you've got some of them figured out, she surprises you with interesting twists from no where! But that's only the RP side of Pastel... Outside of such, she's been a very good friend I didn't expect to find, lending an open ear and an honest opinoin while at the same time making Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    2 weeks ago
  • Gray gave Goblin kudos:
    Ahhh what is there to say about Pastel? I used to sit back and envy her characters, too shy to say anything. Until she reached out to me. And since then, she's been a close and dear friend to me! Her characters are always unique and amazing, and add to every RP in unexpected ways. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    2 weeks ago
  • Carebear gave Goblin kudos:
    While we haven't had the chance to roleplay much, I can without a doubt recommend this incredibly gifted writer and artist to any in search of a roleplay partner. Not only is her art beautiful and lovingly rendered, her characters are painstakingly detailed and blossom before your eyes with character growth. OOCly she's warm, compassionate, and a fiercely loyal friend. Commission her or roleplay with her and you'll see for yourself the talent she's offering. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    4 weeks ago