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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: August 20

Hello there i'm Andy or dummy since thats how my friends call me ^_^! If u wanna know the backstory to that u can just ask me =3 Now the first thing i'm gonna say is i'm an energetic person so if u dont like that i'm not the type of person u wanna rp with

Now about myself i really like roleplays! i usually get bored easily but not with roleplays! I'm also still in school so i'm not gonna be able to reply 24/7, oh and i looove video games! I think my fav has to be the fallout series or Kingdom hearts! I live in belguim so there will be spellling mistakes. I'm currently still in school following the direction of welder buuut once Ive finishes my school i'm gonna try to become a cop more specificly a special unit wich is called a dian wich are the cops With shields wich is pretty much my Dream job! ^_^also i have ADHD might be something worth saying =P

Now about roleplays!: i really dont mind at aaaaall what kinda roleplay we do i like all roleplays so tell me what u wanna do and we'll do or if u just wanna rp with me but dont know what ask me and i'll try thinking of something cool!

I think that should be about it! Now i hope u'll contact me and hopfully talk to u soon! =3

Fav song lyrics: "sometimes to stay alive u have to kill ur mind"(twenty one pilots- migraine-)

"Yeah I was out of touch but it wasn't because I didn't know enough i just knew too much. Does that make me crazy?" (Gnarls barkley - crazy)

I joined this site on november 25 2017 =3

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  • Goldrnflash_andy is a pretty awesome person who is one of the most nicest people. I would recommend 1000/10. Show this person some love
    -- Galaxy-Star
  • If you want to have an amazing and rather interesting rp, with beautifully made and developed characters which capture you... Look no further because Goldenglash_andy is honestly the perfect person to have all that! :star:
    He is an amazing Roleplayer and you will...
    -- PuppygirlK

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