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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: August 20



Hoi! And welcome to my lil space on this site! My name is andy but you can also call me dummy! I'm pretty much a hyperactive fantasy roleplay loving guy that will gladly roleplay with anyone really. I have ADHD so if i ever get a lil bit too enthousiastic that might be the ADHD kicking in. aldo i'm from belguim! So if i mispell a few things here and there i'm very sorry but please do tell me so i can correct myself. ^^

roleplay info

I will usually be roleplaying fantasy or have it include at least a litle bit of it! I can however do pretty much evry other genre tho! ^^
All my characters are also up for roleplaying so if you like one just tell me and l'll try thinking of a plot! And if you have any questions what so ever feel free to ask my anything! ^^

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  • Goldrnflash_andy is a pretty awesome person who is one of the most nicest people. I would recommend 1000/10. Show this person some love
    -- Galaxy-Star
  • If you want to have an amazing and rather interesting rp, with beautifully made and developed characters which capture you... Look no further because Goldenglash_andy is honestly the perfect person to have all that! :star:
    He is an amazing Roleplayer and you will...
    -- PuppygirlK

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