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Hey there ho there hi there, I'm Chantal but people I know call me a myriad of things, including Chan, Channy, Channers, Goo, Goofish, Goobert, Kas, Old Man, and a whole other mess of things I can't be bothered to write down!

Expect my profile colors to change frequently. I'm sorry I just love all the colors okay.

My most important RP rule is:
It's amazing to me how people just...completely lose their filter on the internet! Please stop and think about what you're saying before you message some random stranger and make them super uncomfortable! Thank you, and have a nice day.
  • Everything's a big fat WIP right now. Every. Single. Thing. I'm anxious and easily intimidated by other peoples' cool characters, but I am gradually working on mine! Chances are that most of their information is all bouncing around in my head somewhere and I just haven't bothered to write it down yet. So they're (hopefully) not actually as lame as their pages might make them out to be! I am just easily distracted and tend to work on things in gradual chunks over time. Primarily I RP on Furcadia (when I'm not wussing out of it, that is) but I might be open to PMs as well! Still iffy about forums, because I am terrible at them.
  • More importantly, I draw stuff! And I'm open for commissions!

    You can also poke around my tumblr, if you'd like! (why yes, yes I DO use this username everywhere.)
  • As clearly evidenced by my tumblr above, I'm also a big fat fandomly NERD. 8'D If we have a fandom in common you should totally come talk to me about it. Especially Zelda. But a fair warning I will never shut up about Zelda.
  • Currently in a weird character limbo! Super excited about certain characters, not even entirely sure I want to keep certain others! (None of those who I'm unsure of are on RPR!) These guys (hopefully) aren't going anywhere!


And remember, may the Triforce be with you!

Rave Reviews

Goo is an amazing artist, an incredibly friendly and loving person, and a dear friend of mine! Every one of her characters is unique and colorful--in all meanings of the word! ;) - Heimdall
Once can play six degrees of separation from Goo's art on this site rather easily and consistently, it's so pervasive. And no wonder - the characters she draws are so full of life and color, they're irresistible! To top it all off, Goo herself is a boundlessly friendly person and a joy to be around.

I'm ashamed I have not yet commissioned this wonderful person, as we've been around each other now for how many years, now? That will be fixed.

You should fix it, too. - Rigby

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