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| goth/kyle | 35 | he/him | demi | engaged |

My Sun and Stars: Lance
Platonic Waifu: Unicorn
Adopted Siblings: Tabby
Besties: OllieLight-o


✥ angy, grubby lil' trash gremlin
✥ tragically gay for everything
✥ on the metaphysical plane of existence
✥ spooked by being perceived
✥ very tired, sleeps too much
✥ married to that one creepy cat in clown make-up
✥ proud father of my little gremble
✥ fur dad to one floofy boi, and two fuzzy buttheads​​​
✥ peepaw to two tiny babies
✥ step-dad to an anxious horse
✥ lazy hobby artist, lazier creative writer
✥ veteran cosplayer; on indefinite hiatus
✥ chaotic eclectic witch
✥ tired of life, but still existing

Rest In Peace
Honey Lemon
10/31/2014 - 7/13/2020

Rave Reviews

There is a kindness to Kyle, a kindness that flourishes and shines like the sun whenever someone gives it a chance to. I am happy that I did. You've become a gentle reminder that you should do whatever makes you happiest and for that I can't thank you enough. You inspire me in many ways, make me smile, laugh, and even bring a warmth to my day I didn't know I needed. Never stop being all that you are. ♥ - Queen
Part 2

you into the shoes of your character to the point where it is like being in the same room. To anyone seeking a wonderful and constant Roleplay partner, this is someone I highly recommend. I am quite fortunate to have met him because he is a precious jewel that I will treasure always.
- Silverspeare

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