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| goth/kyle | he/him | 34 | trans/pan | cancer | pagan | taken |

✥ tragically gay for everything
✥ on an ethereal plane of existence
✥ very tired, sleeps too much
✥ fur dad to one smol floofy boi, and two fuzzy ​buttheads​​​
✥ lazy hobby artist, lazier creative writer
✥ veteran cosplayer; on indefinite hiatus
✥ practicing beginner witch, new pagan, and newbie gardener
✥ tired of life, but still existing

Rave Reviews

I can tell you this person is amazing. In every detail of them even their words. I am truly honored to be able to call them what I do. Family, friend no true title because they mean a lot. I admit at first I was shy but now they are truly perfect in my eyes. Nothing can be traded or given to me to give him up. All I can say is this is a true friend. And his characters are amazing too. I enjoy sinking my teeth in them when I can. - CherryPepsi
Part 1

Not many people can understand the vibrancy of a beautiful stardust soul. To be perfectly honest, it is unclear how our paths crossed but from the moment they did, a connection was forged as surreal as the birth of a star. Kyle has a way with words, both as a friend you can confide in and as a talented Roleplayer. Of the many people I have met, Kyle is someone that stands aside from all the rest, like the moon on a clear night. He has a writing style that easily draws
- Silverspeare

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