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| kyle : he/him : pan/poly : cancer : luciferian |

✥ tragically gay
✥ very tired, sleeps too much
✥ dog dad to one smol floofy boi
✥ lazy artist, even lazier roleplayer
✥ veteran cosplayer and hobby artist
✥ practicing baby witch and newbie gardener
✥ tired of life, but still existing
✥ my current obsession: Boku no Hero Academia
Amy - Unicorn - Madam

Rave Reviews

A sweet and beautiful little bab, yes. He's always such a joy to have around and even more so to roleplay with. A vast array of lovingly crafted muses, although I've only had the pleasure of meeting one so far, I look forward to getting a taste of each. Dawg's just adorable and I highly recommend getting to know him. <3 - Unicorn
To be honest, no amount of words could ever describe how amazing this guy is and what a dear friend he has been. Kyle is truly somebody that if you have the fortune of meeting, cherish and hold him close because he is loyal and kind almost to a fault. No matter what, you have been there with open arms, a shoulder to cry on and an ear (or two) to listen even when life has rocked your boat on more than a handful of occasions. I could never express how much I appreciate you in my life but know >> - Silverspeare

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