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Hey everybody, I'm Kaylynn. I am getting back into the wonder of roleplay and improving a lot. I love doing all types of roleplay but I mainly do Romance, drama, and fantasy. To anyone who would like to message me, don't be shy! I love to make new friends and start new roleplays at any time!! Also when it comes to roleplays, I don't mind the length of your responses just as long as it's more then one sentence. So please don't be afraid to message me and start a roleplay with anyone of my character or just chat!! Have fun!!

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Gothic_girl is an awesome role play person i roleplay with her character's and i read them all there all so awesome i would recommend gothic anytime of the day. - CloudWanter
She is one of my best friends. When i see her she's acting crazy and smiling. She has an awesome smile and is honestly one of a kind. i love having her as a best friend and hope that won't change. You'd be lucky to know someone like her. - apd9091

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