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hi, my name's haizley. i'm 23 years old and i'm in college studying psychology. i'm in my fifth year of college and i'm trying to get my PhD in psych. i've been roleplaying for 16 years.

i write pretty much only morally questionable or otherwise bitchy men and i love fantasy. i'm super into music and i teach at my local high school in the field of percussion as an assistant, but i'm the main person for the keyboard specialists there. if anything i say seems weird it's probably me trying to be funny.

i have a lot of characters that aren't up on here. you can see some of the folks i don't have here on my, which is linked near the bottom of this page. i prolly have someone to fit your tastes that's not up, n if not then i can and will and am not bad at making someone up on the spot.

i like to rp on discord. i check here occasionally, but generally if you're looking to contact me then discord is the way to go.

graideds#1542 is the discord
pinterest has my character boards. come, have fun, watch me struggle with pinterest's algorithm as it struggles with me
the notebook

rp stuff
hover over everything here for deets
i like:
- fantasy
- horror
- character development
- modern
- medieval
- romance
i don't like:
- group rps
- pure erotica
- furry ocs
- fetish
- slave stuff
in my partners, i like:
- honesty
- good grammar
- manners
- developed characters
- aptitude

i'm very passionate about character depth and development. my main focus when writing is on character development and thought out consequences.

i have and like a lot of fantastical elements in my characters, but i'm a psych major. i like to think about what fantasy would do to someone's psyche, to give them traits that reflect how whatever fantasy element has shaped their lives, and for them to use and/or treat their abilities (or lack thereof) based on their personalities.

all of my characters have flaws and inconsistencies, and some are worse about it than others. their meanness is not my meanness; my writing them doesn't mean that i am them; i don't always condone their actions. that said, none of them are just pure, unreasonable evil. i make sure they're believable. if they are bad people, it is because they were made to be that way in the past. i don't create cheap villains, and i don't like writing characters as cheap villains.

i promise i actually use grammar when i'm actually writing, it's just that there's not really all that much of a point when i'm ooc or not in a professional setting.

i write anywhere from one to a lot of paragraphs. during character interactions it's usually one, two if there are extenuating circumstances. if i'm describing a new setting, then depending on the setting, my replies will be long (like 7-12 paragraphs) for a little bit, if my character's feeling a lot of things or saying a lot of things they'll probably be a little long. nothing serious, like 3-7. i like to break things up if my oc says something that ur oc would probably have a response to, so i don't tend to layer sentences n such. casual conversation and back and forth can get pretty darn short, you might just get two sentences. there's only so much you can put into some things without grasping for straws

you might get no response for three days, and you might get one immediately after you send it all day until i fall asleep - i'm really inconsistent. i generally try to do one response a day as a personal rule, but sometimes it just doesn't happen to go that way. i'm doing online school rn so my schedule is more varied than most students'. i also just might forget, but i tend to check this place about as frequently as one might an email so it's unlikely that i'll go for more than a week without letting you know something.

Rave Reviews

Andi, for better or for worse, drives me insane. With their writing ability, their jargon, their useless facts, Andi creates endless possibilities and in my opinion, does not have enough kudos. Sure, all their characters to an extent are asshats, but it creates juicy drama, and Andi gives them such depth with inner soliloquies, divulging thought process, and describing actions to an extent that surpasses your average writer. Never a dull moment. <3 - Demilicious
We just started a role play, and MAN, from the first post I wanted to come here and give him kudos! He has such a way with words! And as we've gone along, I've been able to see that he has a great sense for character as well, and really takes what you give him and runs with it. We've just started our role play, but I'm so excited to continue!! - sirensong

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