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i type lazily when ooc. sowwy :)
hi, my name's haizley. i'm 23 years old and i'm in college studying psychology. i'm in my fifth year of college and i'm gonna get my PhD. i've been roleplaying for 15 years.

i'm not usually on rpr because my epic ran out and i keep forgetting to renew it because im rarely on it nowadays, but i am on discord every day. i write pretty much only morally questionable or otherwise bitchy men and more than half of my characters are fantasy. i'm super into music and i teach at my local high school in the field of percussion as an assistant, but i'm the main person for the keyboard specialists there. i've been told i'm really sarcastic. if anything i say seems weird it's probably me trying to be funny.

i have a lot of characters. the last time i made a comprehensive list it was like thirty. n yeah i know some of yall have like 60 but that's just wack. but a lot of them aren't on this website. i mean, Maybe one day i'll decide to actually make fifty profiles, but i will have to be very really bored to do so. you can see some of the folks i don't have here on my, which is linked near the bottom of this page. i prolly have someone to fit your tastes that's not up, n if not then i can and will and am not bad at making someone up on the spot.

i like to rp on discord. i check here occasionally, but generally if you're looking to contact me then discord is the way to go.

graideds#1542 is the discord
pinterest has my character boards. come, have fun, watch me struggle with pinterest's algorithm as it struggles with me
the notebook. it's an easy way to store characters that's just quick and doesn't require me to code or edit pictures or a bunch of stuff, so it has a lot of characters on it that aren't up on here

rp stuff

i don't rp with people who have ghosted me before. there's literally no reason for me to. you're way more than likely to do it again and i really, really don't see the point in rping if the culmination is in an unresponded-to post.

hover over everything here for deets

i like:
- fantasy
- horror
- adventure
- character development
- modern
- medieval
- romance
i don't like:
- group rps
- steampunk
- pure erotica
- furry/anthro
- Weird fetish stuff
- slave & master
in my partners, i like:
- honesty
- good grammar
- manners
- developed characters
- aptitude
- politeness

personal etiquette
aka how i usually conduct myself.

- i'm not going to critique your writing unless you ask me to, but even then i'll feel weird about it. i'm just not here to be a critic and crap on strangers on the internet, man.
- i like to think i'm funny so i'll use a lot of humor when i talk to you. it can be hard to pick up on if you're just assuming that everything i say is completely serious. you can tell me if you're sick of me and i'll stop
- i use faceclaims because it's just easier than using anything else. i don't have muse for drawing very often, and gifs - gifs are incredible and i love them to make profiles dramatic. all of my fcs are hard won and i don't use one until i really think that that's what the character looks like. it's really no different from a casting director finding actors, in my opinion, but i understand why some people are uncomfortable with it. i don't use fcs past a character's profile.
- i like talking to people. i wanna talk to you. ooc chatter is great. i like to think i'm friendly, too.

i'm very serious about character depth and development and as much realism as is possible. my main focus when writing is on character development and realism (within the parameters we've set up).

i have and like a lot of fantastical elements in my characters. but i'm a psych major - i like to think about what fantasy would do to someone's psyche, to give them traits that reflect how fantasy has shaped their lives, and for them to use and/or treat their abilities (or lack thereof) based on their personalities. they have trauma and they have cognitions and some of them have very real, debilitating disorders that they're not aware of.


i've had logan as a character for all of the years i've been writing - not even rping. that's around sixteen years of him. ferran has been around for five years. they're my eldest. i don't like making characters to not use them as story devices, and i don't have them so i can get my rocks off. i try to simulate entire psyches in my characters as a thought exercise. and i'm... honestly attached to them, and to making them have as much substance as possible.

as such, they'll have flaws and inconsistencies. people are, in the majority, stupid when it comes to their own minds and safety when left untreated and when they are responsible for their own coping mechanisms. a lot of them make bad or mean decisions and do stupid stuff. that doesn't mean that i am them, and it doesn't mean i condone their actions.

that said, none of them are just pure evil. if they are bad people, it is because they were made to be that way in the past. i do not create cheap villains, and i don't like writing characters as cheap villains. and even good people make mistakes and go against their better judgment and behave poorly.

Rave Reviews

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Andi, for better or for worse, drives me insane. With their writing ability, their jargon, their useless facts, Andi creates endless possibilities and in my opinion, does not have enough kudos. Sure, all their characters to an extent are asshats, but it creates juicy drama, and Andi gives them such depth with inner soliloquies, divulging thought process, and describing actions to an extent that surpasses your average writer. Never a dull moment. <3 - Demilicious

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