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Of course I had my name translated to Japanese. Of course I did.
Kana: ブランドン
Kanji: 武嵐努御
Thanks for that, Highjinx.


I'm Brandon. Will eventually make a career out of composing music.

GrandFinale#2751 on Discord, hit me up! Lemme know you're an actual person who read this and not a bot if you do.

A selection of some of the things I enjoy

Most anime I see, except fanservice stuff and things that promote really bad themes

Vidya (RPGs in particular)

Tabletop games

Star Trek

Star Wars

Indiana Jones

Madoka Magica

Final Fantasy


Super Robot Wars

Combat RP



Lovecraftian stuff (and the man's works to a certain extent, but not him himself)

SFW rp

Sexually NSFW rp (and people who engage in noncon stuff in particular)



My inability to draw well

GrandFinale's Characters

GrandFinale either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

I really love Grand! He takes a lot of love and care in detail in his role-play and character development, and I really admire that! While our RP plot may have been temporarily dropped due to time zones and work stuff, I really hope we get something in the works again. He is a very friendly, awesome and hilarious chap to be around, and so you definitely deserve a lot of love from the community! <3 - TinyCentaur
GrandFinale as a roleplayer can be summed up in two words; Evil Genius. He clearly puts a lot of thought in his roleplays and characters. He is hilarious and an utter joy to rp with, I can't stress this enough. Yet he has also given me some pretty good advice and I feel comfortable asking him for help with roleplay related things. I consider him one of my best friends on rpr! So seriously, if you get a chance, hit him up for a roleplay! - Katia

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