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Of course I had my name translated to Japanese. Of course I did.
Kana: ブランドン
Kanji: 武嵐努御
Thanks for that, Highjinx.


I'm Brandon. Will eventually make a career out of composing music.

GrandFinale#2751 on Discord, hit me up! Lemme know you're an actual person who read this and not a bot if you do.

A selection of some of the things I enjoy

Most anime I see, except fanservice stuff and things that promote really bad themes

Vidya (RPGs in particular)

Tabletop games

Star Trek

Star Wars

Indiana Jones

Madoka Magica

Final Fantasy


Super Robot Wars

Combat RP



Lovecraftian stuff (and the man's works to a certain extent, but not him himself)

SFW rp

Sexually NSFW rp (and people who engage in noncon stuff in particular)



My inability to draw well

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Rave Reviews

All hail the Overlord of Eldritch Abominations, Grandfinale! With his tendency to have vast(ly interesting) villains, Grand is a pretty cool guy to talk to, both in the Just Talkin' chat and PMs. Despite not having actually roleplayed with him yet, Grand's very creative and is talented at thinking out interesting roleplay ideas. - Loren
To be honest, I might not have been able to make it through half of my job practice if it weren't for Grand here. You might not know, but you and some other people are the reason I could make it through those 9 weeks.
I was starting to get home sick, lonely, and the whole idea was weighing down on me big time. But when during breaks, Id' come to RPR and open the chat box, I would be happy to know that were some people I could talk with and it would cheer me up immencely

Thanks for being there~ - Reima

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