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I’m a guy that likes to go beyond with my rps. I will likely rp as a guy who is immortal or almost unkillable.

I also try my best not to sound rude or unfriendly but sometimes I’m rude. I’ll apologize if that happens .

I love meeting and befriending new people so you’re always welcome to befriend me too.


Rave Reviews

It's amazing writing with this guy. Replies are shorter but always has something to work with. The incredible observation skills and interactions, no matter how simple, allows me to easily weave his characters into the story, actually promoting his as main character more often. Quick responses keeps the story moving. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - LunarValravn
Great7 is a very sweet and kind hearted person. They are very fast at responding and I like that they have short replies. Then we can move the story forward and they are also very understanding that life can get in the way. You should totally Rp with them. Kind and understanding Fast responses - Kungfu6453

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